It’s 2013, Time for a NEW WHEEL OF DEATH!


As has been spoken through the cosmos, we have our artists, and they await their guide – it’s time once again, for you, our amazing fans, to help us FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH!

2013 looks to be an amazing year for us, and we’d like to get a new Wheel in the mix, starting with our show at Katsucon 19 in the middle of February.  So how do you submit? It’s easy – just reply to this post and shoot off some ideas.

As always, however, brevity is key.  Topics like “Fish tank” are great, as our artists could turn the canvas into an aquarium, or draw a pissed-off fish ready for battle.  However, something like “Batman punching an elephant who is on fire which is also on top of a building which is a robot” not only makes little sense, it’s also very long and very restrictive. Either way, we’ll go through the whole list, prune the great ones and make us a brand new wheel!

This suggestion post will be open through Wednesday, February 13th, so get to writing!

As always, all submissions become the right of Super Art Fight LLC for use in live events and any possible reproductions.
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46 Responses to It’s 2013, Time for a NEW WHEEL OF DEATH!

  1. James Hatton says:

    Monsters in Uggs
    Everything is Grumpy Cat
    Human Kirby-pede
    Minecraft Your Opponent
    Fatventure Time!
    Superhero Garbage Pail Kids
    When Ant Farms Attack
    Dragons with Girl Tattoos
    The Gothic Avengers
    Galactus’ Eating Disorders
    Weapons I – IX
    Gangsta Batman

  2. Joe says:

    Pantera Bread
    Billy Corgan, The Saddest Kid On Earth
    Michael Bay’s Bathroom
    Nic Cage Aux Folles
    My Little Nietzsche: Nihilism Is Magic
    Your Opponent Being Hugged By Guy Fieri

  3. James says:

    “Your tax dollars at work”
    A city built on rock and roll and massive budget cuts
    Oppa Gundam Style
    Donjons and Dragonnes
    Norman Baits (and Tackle)
    Superheroes in gastric distress
    “We’ve all been there”
    “I forgot to carry the two”

  4. Joe says:

    Hello Kitty Kataklysm
    Deuce Ex Machina
    Somewhere Over the Superstorm
    Epic Flail
    Weekend at Boehner’s

  5. Alex says:

    Roid Rage Birds
    tongue depressors
    Vlad (as in the impaler) the sailor

  6. Kara Dennison says:

    Ace Attorney Dark Phoenix
    Ross and Marty as magical girls
    Draw with your eyes closed
    The Magic Short Bus
    Most fattening meal ever
    Cheese Wheel of Death
    Discovery Channel’s ‘Cake Hoarders’

  7. Apreche says:

    My Little Picasso
    Star Warhols
    Samuel L. Jackson Pollock
    Mona Lisa Simpson
    Starry Night Rider
    Tarot Cards Against Humanity
    Adobe Photoshop of Horrors
    Se7en Samurai
    Gumby and Pokey-mon
    The Ministry of Silly Walking Dead
    Tom and Jerry Seinfeld
    Bengal Tiger Woods
    Captain Nemo in Slumberland
    E. Honda Civic
    Optimus Prime Rib
    The Full Monty Python
    T-Mobile Suit Gundam
    Frank Herbert’s Dune Buggy
    The Binding of Isaac Asimov
    George Michael Jordan
    Dungeons & Dragon Ball
    The Poseidon Adventure Time
    Ronald McDuck

  8. moeris says:

    Mcribbed, for Her Pleasure
    Anime Hair Attack
    Jojo’s Bizarre Tax Form
    Dio vs Dino
    Taylor Swiffer
    Star Wars Disney Princesses
    Draw what you think Homestuck is about.

  9. Kevin says:

    The Wreck of Ella Fitzgerald
    Howard the Skunk
    How Ray Lewis Will Spend Retirement
    Omar Comin’
    In Honor of Chris Hardwick, Singled Out
    Magic Nose Goblins
    Batman’s Day Off
    If Hulk Hogan Was The Second Coming
    DJ Penguin
    Things That Won’t Play In Peoria
    Hairstyles Marty Day Should Try

  10. Geoff says:

    Bowie In Space
    Dude, Where’s my Gitaroo?
    Pants Pants Revolution
    Twinkie the Kid’s Last Duel
    We Didn’t Start the Fire
    Cola War Crimes

  11. Mea says:

    Disney Gone Wrong
    Disproportionate Superheroes
    Hayao Miyazaki’s Nightmares
    People who shouldn’t be Magical Girls

  12. thecowcomic says:

    Jocular Window Clowns
    Desperatu, the Vampire Cowboy

  13. Breakfast Cereal Killers
    Mushroom Kingdom’s “Jersey Shore”
    Fishnets for Everyone!
    Chainsaw Appendages

  14. Gangnam 400M Freestyle
    Gundam Style
    The Hawkeye Initiative
    My Little Cthullu: Friendship is Madness
    A Night at the Oprah
    Metal Halo FarCrysis 4: New Vegas
    20% Hotter
    Godzilla vs. Trypticon
    Michael Bay Presents: The Muppet Babies
    Doctor Who: Knight Rider

  15. z.a.gins says:

    Seinfeldian Slip
    Super Smash Mouth
    Little Shrek Things
    Magic The Lathering
    It’s Always Sunny in The Nightosphere

  16. moeris says:

    Pizza Hut, Where Will They Stuff Cheese Next?
    Streets of Rage-Faces
    Riced-out Rice Krispie Treats

  17. Scooter says:

    Overdressed nudist
    Rock and roll kaiju
    Monkey butter
    Too many dicks
    Zombie high five
    Captain racism
    Radioactive milk
    musical chairizards
    Final gwen-stacy
    Lord of the pringles
    Have spacesuit, wil wheaton
    Dragonballs of fire
    Parks and wreck
    An arrow to the neitsche

  18. Geoff says:

    Jesus Christ Supersoldier
    Rejected Avengers
    How the Grinch Stole Your Tax Dollars
    A Fridge Too Far
    What you wouldn’t do for a Klondike Bar
    Captain Planet, minus the Heart

  19. philkahn says:

    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty
    Shoujo Ross & Marty

  20. Nebadger says:

    Historical slash fiction

  21. z.a.gins says:

    A Safer Way To Terebithia

  22. Janny says:

    Amish Mobsters

    Captain Moneybags

    Cookie Fight

    Hipster Darth Vader

    Jaunty Cupakes

    Juggling Babies

    Klingons in Kilts

    Mean Soup

    My Little Pony Knife Fight

    Naughty Raccoons


    Your Opponent in a Frilly Princess Dress

    Zombie Owls

  23. Mark says:

    Community Service Romance

    Surprise Guacamole

    Son of Surprise Guacamole

    The Idiot’s Guide to Self-Dentistry

    The Other Hitler

    Fun with Meat!

    Memes for Dogs

    Gabriel’s All-Angel Poison Tribute Band

  24. Cara says:

    1-Up Mushroom Cloud
    A Canadian Werewolf in London
    The Wayne Knight Rises
    The Only Man Who can Save Us Now
    Captain America, MP
    Baba O’Reilly Factor
    Frank Miller’s Sim City
    “Carrie” Fisher
    Planetside of the Apes
    Elmer’s Grue
    The Muppets Take Peoria
    The Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things
    Third World Solutions to First World Problems
    Rejected Hogwarts Classes
    Twilight: Red Dawn
    E=MC Escher
    Elevator Shaft, can you dig it?
    Drunk Pilgrims
    Ouija Board of Directors
    Full Contact Chess
    The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Minor Clutter
    Other Films by Alan Smithee
    Day-to-day Dadaism
    Hecho en Mexico
    Does Whatever a Spider Can’t
    Juicy Fruit of the Loom
    Organ Loaners
    Zoombies, the driving dead
    Rejected Wii Accessories
    The Velvet Smog
    Rick Moranis, Dragon Slayer
    The Other Body Parts of Mars

  25. Greg Benge says:

    Battle of the Brands!

    Pharmaceutical Mascots

    Shakespeare’s Greatest Deaths!

    Projectile Dysfunction

    Malignant Tubers

    “Should I See a Doctor About This?”

    The Grateful Undead

    Angry Nerds

    Portal Combat!

    “Caricature of Opponent” (too personal?)

    Imaginary Frenemy

    Tarot Cards Against Humanity

    The Most Dangerous Board Game

    Endangered Were-Animals

    Hipster or Homeless?

    Battle of the Brands!

    Pharmaceutical Mascots

    Shakespeare’s Greatest Deaths!

    Projectile Dysfunction

    Malignant Tubers

    “Should I See a Doctor About This?”

    The Grateful Undead

    Angry Nerds

    Portal Combat!

    Caricature of Opponent (too personal?)

    Non-Dominant Hand-icap (too challenging?)

    Imaginary Frenemy

    Tarot Cards Against Humanity

    The Most Dangerous Board Game

    Endangered Were-Animals

    Dystopian Futurama

    Sunday Comic Strippers (Cathy… *shudder*)

  26. Greg Benge says:

    Whoops! Had a weird cut/paste debacle…

  27. punkadyne says:

    Goth Sesame Street
    Rock Ness Monster
    Hippo vs. Rhino
    E.T. vs the Predator
    Ganesh vs. Babar
    Lady Googoo Gaga
    Saturday Night Undead
    Iron Chef vs. Iron Man

  28. punkadyne says:

    WALL-E vs. The Robot from Rocky IV

  29. thecowcomic says:

    Angsty Maraca Players

  30. Rain says:

    After the LA show, Sad maraca shakers needs to be a topic.

  31. CJ Wilckens says:

    Colonial Sex Ghosts
    Everything is Better With Bacon
    Peanut Butter Crimes
    SlapChop Melodies

    Cambodian Wheelbarrow
    Crotch Fiasco
    Hillbilly Armor
    Cankle Spanx

    Tit for Tattoo
    Schroedinger’s Hog
    Reagan Era Fever Dream
    7 Feet of Whale Tail

  32. Your opponent’s offspring
    Cross dressing cartoons
    Mr T’s pets
    Late night with Betty White
    Big dudes with baby arms
    The Real Housewives of the WWF
    Llamas in lingerie
    Mythical Marty and Ross
    Ugly people
    Street Biter II

  33. Michael Bracco says:

    Hey Armold Schwarzenegger

  34. mellissa s says:

    Adventure Mime!
    Back to the TARDIS!
    Steampunk Pajama Party!

  35. iluvicedtea says:

    sexy childhood cartoons
    When the saints come to kick some ass
    Battle of the poets
    white girl wasted
    Super Fart Fight
    What I did with my college degree
    TSA porno
    Drag Race
    Why I can’t get a date
    cafeteria food fights back
    1st world problems

  36. Adam Chase says:

    David Blaine’s worst nightmare
    Wall-E : The Battle Bot
    The lighter side of Bane
    Mecha Pikachu
    Terrible Gifts for Grandma
    Fraggle Rock and Roll
    Zombie Betty White vs. The Pizza Dude
    The Saddest Mega Man Weapon Ever.
    Power Puff Girls on Meth

  37. SoundVsVision says:

    Definitely something with Cthulhu. I really like the “My Little Cthulhu: Friendship is Madness” idea.
    How about…
    Emo Barbie Dolls?
    Muppet Version of Opponent?
    Bunny the Playboy Vampire Slayer?
    Dildo Baggins?
    The Internet Personified?
    Zombie Billy Mays vs Vince the ShamWow guy?
    Defeat by Comic Sans?
    Cute Animals in a Blender?
    Porn Star Mustache?
    Doctor Who Let the Dogs Out?
    PG Porn?
    Gangsta Superheroes?

  38. Wild bacon.plants. Or pants.

  39. Al Huang says:

    High Above the Chimney Tops

    Not the Jam

    They’re Grrreat!

    Hero of Time

    You’re a Wizard, Harry

    Fun In the Pun

    Up is Down

    Black is the new White

    Light Show

    When Life Gives you Lemons

    Today is Tomorrow in Japan

    Uncovered Heads

  40. Chantel says:

    Disney Gone Wild

  41. Stompadon says:





  42. MiggyFool says:

    The Actual Breakfast Club
    The Not-So-Brave Little Toaster
    Hipsters being punished
    Santa Claus is Comin’ to Mordor
    The Animal Avengers

  43. Erin says:

    Abraham Lincoln: Paleolithic Hunter/Gatherer
    Viking Ice Capades
    Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Fire Karate
    Grilled Cheese Warfare
    Cannibal Snowman

  44. Boy Mason says:

    The New Pope
    Honey Boo Boo: The Lost Episode
    50 Shades of _________
    Four My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse
    The Cake is Not a Lie!!!
    Lesser Known Vault-Tec Inventions

  45. @duneshrine says:

    When Galactus Gets Amorous
    1994 Time Trap
    New Pope Nominations
    Godzilla vs the Kidney Stones
    Killdozer (the movie, not the bulldozer)
    Mortal Kombat Rave
    When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth!
    The most dangerous prey of all…
    CSI: District 9
    Famous Charlton Heston Exhortations

  46. Ken says:

    Peeps of Wrath
    Westminster Dino Show
    50 Shades of Liam Neeson
    Zero Peep Thirty
    Godzilla’s blind date with Sharktopus
    Curiosity’s leaked twitter pics
    Harlem Shuffle beat drop
    Where’s Waldo?…bastard owes me money
    Dude ranch in hell
    Downtown Abbey

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