Super Art Fight RETURNS To The Ottobar On MARCH 30th!


Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home…

And for us at Super Art Fight, home is The Ottobar, hands down the coolest punk rock club in our home base of Baltimore, Maryland. While we make 2013 BIGGER THAN EVER, we certainly will never forget our home base, and we are very excited to announce our return to Charm City on Saturday Night, March 30th, 2013!

In the idea of being one with Baltimore, this latest stop in our Fifth Anniversary Season will feature one of Baltimore’s coolest bands in the headlining spot – the ever changing, ever astonishing Egg Babies Orchestra.

If you’ve never seen Egg Babies Orchestra before, you’re in for a treat – with a roster of 218 cover songs in their docket, Egg Babies Orchestra never does the same set twice. They’ve done nights themed with Movie Theme songs, nights playing as other bands, nights where the songs were randomly selected by the wheel, and they have just as unpredictable plans for March 30th at the Ottobar – so unpredictable, even we don’t know them yet!

As for Super Art Fight, we promise an epic four bout card to rock the Ottobar including defenses of both the Super Art Fight Championship and the Super Art Fight Tag Titles.  A full roster and card will be announced as the event gets closer, but tickets will go on sale THIS FRIDAY, JANUARY 18TH.  Our last appearance at the Ottobar was completely and utterly sold out, so we cannot recommend getting tickets early enough, just $15 at

Super Art Fight. Egg Babies Orchestra. Saturday, March 30th. Be there, or regret everything.

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