Full KATSUCON 19 Schedule Revealed, Including a VERY SPECIAL ‘Unleashed’!


In just under three weeks, Super Art Fight returns to the place of its accidental, impromptu birth, DC’s favorite anime convention, KATSUCON, to celebrate five years of creative chaos. It’s a packed and sure to be unpredictable weekend, and we are happy to share with you our official schedule for the weekend, so you can join us.

The weekend includes a full SAF event on Saturday afternoon, February 16th, but for those 18+, we’re proud to announce the return of Super Art Fight Unleashed on Friday night, February 15th with a very special twist – it’s Cards Against Humanity approved! We made mention of this on our Facebook, and you’ve been wondering what exactly that means, so we’re proud to share.


We at Super Art Fight are HUGE fans of the card game Cards Against Humanity, which truly lives up to it’s name of a “Party Game for Horrible People.” If you’ve never played it, you really should. Anyway, for those who have played it, you’re familiar with the infamous white cards which serve as your answers. If you haven’t, go to their site – test out a few in their lab. Anyway, we realized they’d make great starting topics for our “Unleashed” masterpieces, and a few emails and secret favors later, those sick bastards at CAH have formally approved our wishes, and that means that yes, we have an official endorsement to use their topics to kick off every messed up piece of art rendered that night.

So, for those looking to know our complete schedule, here it is, straight from Katsucon HQ to us here at Super Art Fight (times and locations subject to change, keep an eye on the official program guide when released):

Friday, February 15th
2:30PM – VIP Passholder/Guest Meet & Greet
9:15PM – Super Art Fight Unleashed (18+)

Saturday, February 16th
1:00PM – Super Art Fight (Main Events Room)
11:00PM – Guests Uncensored (Will they let our own Jamie Noguchi on the panel?)

And as for that 1:00PM show – here’s our FULL OFFICIAL CARD!

“The Nicest Man in Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr and art legend Steve Bennett team to take on Phil “Commando” Kahn and the unstoppable Stompadon!

In a first time ever one-on-one bout, “The Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom faces off with the sinfully sexy Baron Von Sexyful!

And in your main event, it’s a battle of the “three kings” of SAF – Iron Artist creator Chris “The Impact” Impink, SAF co-creator Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi and SAF co-creator Ghostfreehood in a BIG TIME THREE-FOR-ALL!

Weekend passes are currently available for registration online at Katsucon’s website, and passes will be available at the Gaylord National Hotel the weekend of the show – individual tickets for our shows will not be available, you will have to register for the full convention proper.

Join us for the awesome. Join us for the unpredictable. Join us for SUPER ART FIGHT!

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