February 22nd Black Cat Predictions with Ross And Marty!


Later tonight, we proudly take the stage for our debut at The Black Cat, one of Washington DC’s most legendary performance venues. It’s a unique event, featuring the first ever “King of the Cat” Tournament, with four of the biggest names in the Super Art Fight locker room battling for supremacy. If that wasn’t enough, two of our best tag teams will be colliding in tag team action, and to get a hint of what may be in-store, and some predictions, we had our commentary duo of Marty Day and Ross Nover sit down to share their thoughts for this momentous event.

Ross: Well Marty, we’re coming back to The District of Columbia.

Marty: Indeed – it’s been a ruthless 4 months since we last appeared in DC, and we’re breaking in a new venue, as we descend upon the infamous Black Cat.

Ross: That’s right, the Black Cat, Black Cat, Black Cat! (Little help for the HOMEless Black Cat!)

Marty: Love that guy. Super Art Fight management certainly wants to make the night special with the first ever “King of the Cat” tournament, featuring Jamie Noguchi, Baron Von Sexyful and Brandon J. Carr, four of the most successful artists in the SAF locker room today.

Ross: That’s right Marty, an amazing lineup the likes of which DC hasn’t seen since, well, the last time we did an amazing show in DC.

Marty: We’ll be kicking off the event with two big opening round bouts, with the winners squaring off in the main event of the night. We’ll be seeing Brandon J. Carr take on Ghostfreehood, and current Super Art Fight Champion Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi square off against the sultan of sexy, Baron Von Sexyful, Michael Bracco.

Ross: Has the sultan of sexy been given the doctor’s okay to perform? Is he up to date on his tests?

Marty: Super Art Fight has yet to institute a wellness policy, so it’s entirely possible he’s full of STDs and PEDs. We’ll have to see what happens when he makes it to the canvas.

Ross: I caught him during his training regimen earlier this week and unfortunately for those in committed relationships I know he’s cocked, locked, and ready to rock.

Marty: Let’s break down the individual match-ups Ross….

Brandon J. Carr vs. Ghostfreehood

Ross: An amazing match-up of two giant beards. Er, bearded giants. Brandon J. Carr, the nicest man in showbusiness, versus Ghostfree “Hot Soup” Hood, a rejected villain from every Police Academy movie.

Marty: For Carr, this is a key moment in his Super Art Fight career – coming off of his SAF title loss to Jamie Noguchi, this is his first stand as a single fighter since. He really needs to define his next career steps here.

Ross: True Marty, and with this lineup it will be plenty tricky. Ghostfreehood and Brandon are both masters of drawing big and bold, of drawing that one thing that makes the audience crack up laughing and sometimes that can be the difference between a win and a loss. Two masters of not just the canvas but of the personality side that sets Super Art Fight apart from Win, Lose, Or Draw.

Marty: Ghostfreehood is coming into this with a new style and attitude, but I almost wonder if with a hometown crowd behind him, if The Nicest Man in Art Fight has this one in the bag – I’m calling it for Brandon J. Carr.

Ross: I gotta say I’m with you on this one, Marty. I think Brandon knows what he has to do and I dare say he’ll be packing the audience with enough of his fans to do it.

Baron Von Sexyful vs. Jamie Noguchi

Marty: Ross, this has big time bout written all over it – two two-time SAF champions, two of the most outrageous personalities in SAF history, two sexy gentlemen.

Ross: Biggest prediction of all, not a dry crotch in the room Marty.

Marty: I certainly went multiple layers with the pants today just to avoid embarrassing myself.
Ross: Smart move, Marty. Both Michael “Baron Von Sexyful” Bracco and Jamie Noguchi know how to get the audience on their site, but given his record I gotta think that the Baron will be able to better harness the energy of tonight’s audience and turn it into a win.

Marty: While the Baron certainly knows how to fluff a crowd, DC has become Noguchi central – past events in the area have seen him grab the deepest darkest reaches of his mind and toss it out onto the canvas. If I were a betting man, I’d back the current champ.

Ross: I suppose only time will tell, Marty, but I happen to think you’re full of shit on this one.

The Stompadons vs. The Business Ninjas

Marty: It’s been too long since we’ve seen The Business Ninjas proper take on the canvas as a duo, but Henry Alexander and The Charm City Shinobi have quite a task before them, the unpredictable, nearly extinct Stompadons!

Ross: To be fair Marty, I think they’re only nearly extinct because they never figured out how to mate.

Marty: Honestly Ross, I’m surprised “Stompadon Mating Rituals” hasn’t made its way onto the Wheel of Death yet.

Ross: Maybe tonight’s the night!

Marty: It’ll be interesting to see how Henry and Malihom act back on the canvas here tonight, their first pairing since losing the SAF tag titles. Meanwhile, on the other side, you have a duo who literally speak a shared language.

Ross: That’s right Marty, and I dare say that the Stompadons have what it takes to take the victory tonight.

Marty: I’m inclined to agree, and I dare say that while their species odds of survival are low, the odds of a future SAF Tag Title shot for the Stompadons are getting high!

“King of the Cat” Finals

Marty: Alright Ross, it’s our big Black Cat debut, it’s four of the best. Make your call now – who goes into the finals, who walks away the winner?

Ross: Given his energy coming into tonight and his turnout at Katsucon last weekend, I gotta give it up to Brandon J. Carr.

Marty: While Carr certainly has the most to gain here, and the crowd will undoubtedly get behind him, I think current SAF Champion Jamie Noguchi will show the Black Cat why he is at the top of the field…and staying there. He knows how to fuckin’ do it.

Ross: Not a dry vagina in the crowd I’m sure.

Who was right? Who was wrong? Who will win? Find out tonight at our Black Cat debut!

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