The Capacity Crowd

The Capacity Crowd

This past Saturday, we had the amazing pleasure of being a part of the first ever Awesome Con DC in Washington, DC. Fans there gave us an incredible, fire marshall infuriating turn out (literally wall to wall), and we presented an absolutely fantastic, three bout card.

Steve McBarnes was one such fan in attendance, and he actually recorded the WHOLE show, so we thought we’d share them with you here. Thanks to Steve, and thanks to Awesome Con and it’s attendees for such a great time.  The videos include the opening round bout between “Hot Soup” Ghostfreehood and Red Erin, the amazing middle bout between Baron Von Sexyful and the debuting Noelle “Ginger Haze” Stevenson, and the awesome tag team chaos between Team IMPACT (Jamie Noguchi & Chris Impink) and the Magic Markers (Ashley Katz & Phil Kahn) Check ’em out!

Red Erin vs. Ghostfreehood

Baron Von Sexyful vs. Noelle “Ginger Haze” Stevenson

Team IMPACT vs. The Magic Markers

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