FEED The Wheel of Death! SUMMER 2013 EDITION!

Photo courtesy of @PumpkinDance.

Photo courtesy of @PumpkinDance.

We’re up all night with the sun, we’re up all night to get some, we’re up all night for good fun, we’re up all night to FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH!

Yes, it is time once again for you to set the bar, for you to put our artists to the test, and for you to see your artistic wants and dreams come to life by giving us fantastic topics to add to our radical wheel.

So how do you submit? It’s easy – just reply to this post and shoot off some ideas.

As always, however, brevity is key.  Topics like “Fish tank” are great, as our artists could turn the canvas into an aquarium, or draw a pissed-off fish ready for battle.  However, something like “Batman punching an elephant who is on fire which is also on top of a building which is a robot” not only makes little sense, it’s also very long and very restrictive. Either way, we’ll go through the whole list, prune the great ones and make us a brand new wheel!

The first show this wheel will be used on is our Black Cat return on June 14th, but you should also see it in play with some upcoming cons (but we’ll probably customize those a bit…). This suggestion post will be open through Wednesday, June 12th, so get to writing!

As always, all submissions become the right of Super Art Fight LLC for use in live events and any possible reproductions.
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37 Responses to FEED The Wheel of Death! SUMMER 2013 EDITION!

  1. Patrick says:

    Albino Rhino Wino

  2. Owen Shaw says:

    Gorgons gone wild!

  3. James Hatton says:

    – Emo-vengers!
    – Rube Goldberg Machines
    – Superhero Planking
    – Sexy Cthulu
    – ACME Products

  4. Alex says:

    Asshole Parthenons

  5. Kara Dennison says:

    Tentacle Mobsters

  6. Pierre C. says:

    -Failed Superheros
    -Raptor Wrestling
    -Kitten Commandos
    -Man’s Worst Friend
    -Emo Haircuts

  7. National Association of Marlin Brando Look Alikes
    Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum vs. Army of Darkness’ Ash Williams
    Alien Lil’ Facehuggers
    Toddler Army
    Planet of the Snapes
    Steampunk Sexual Aids
    Scary Clowns
    Homer’s 2001: The Space Odyssey
    Communist Party Like it’s 1999
    Hunter S. Thompson “Fear and Loathing in Super Art Fight”

  8. Soylent Green Acres
    Comic Sans Personified
    Medieval Knievel
    Random Urban Dictionary Definition
    Wiccan Televangelist
    Opponent as WWII-era Aircraft Nose Pinup Art

  9. Ridiculously Large Headphones
    Skanky Prom Attire
    8-bit Wonderland
    Powder Wigs and Judge Robes
    Put a Bird On It
    Bowler Hats and Canes for all!
    Architecture for the Modern Villain
    Draw like you MEME IT!

  10. Janny says:

    Batman Underpants
    Bloodthirsty Pokémon
    Carnivorous Shoes
    Fruit Ninjas
    Gentleman Sausage
    The Grumpy Cat in the Hat
    Hillbilly Cybermen
    Historical Figures in KISS Makeup
    I’m T-Rexy and I know it!
    Justin Bee-Bird
    My Little Picasso
    Owls with Towels
    Sesame Street Cage Match
    Sexy Chewbacca
    Super Dance Fight

  11. Doctor Who Farted?

  12. Mo Van Idyl says:

    William Shatnerproof
    Death Cube
    Tesla Afro
    Satan’s Breakfast
    Lucha Liberace
    Sushi Sandals
    Fully-Automatic Toilet Paper Rifle
    Wet Taser

  13. Bengie says:

    Lookout Behind You!
    Catholic Highschool Girls in Trouble
    Boardgame of Death
    Rumble in the Sesame Streets
    Babe Lincoln
    Why Can’t I Hold All These Weapons?
    Harold and the Red Marker
    Dr. Suess’ Nightmare

  14. Nu-cu-lar vs. Nu-cle-ar
    Cats in Vats
    Storm Droopy
    Ralph Nader vs. Darth Vader
    Marty and Ross vs. Martini and Rossi
    Chinese Junk Food
    Facebook Profile of the Damned

  15. Ashley says:

    (Captain) Falcon in the Middle

  16. Alex Kazanas says:

    -Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gazoo
    -Kamen Mustache Rider
    -Snoop Dogg The Bounty Hunter
    -The Wire in the early 1900s

  17. Calvin and the Chipmunks
    Goth Sesame Street
    Cabbage Patch Skid Row
    Transgendered Transformers
    Martin Luther King Crab
    The Seven Deadly Sins as Superheros
    Chicken and Waffles
    Dartha Stewart
    Jello Kitty
    Chocolate Shit Cookies

  18. jasmine P says:

    Heroes on vacation
    death defying thrills
    Cats love boxes
    genderbent opponent
    Opponent as a child
    Where’s Waldo?
    Inspector Gadget’s secret gadget
    Biggest fan
    Marty and/or Ross as DJs

  19. Buzzlefett says:

    AIEEEE a Balrog!
    Rescue Rangers
    Ancient Chinese Proverbs
    Legal Beagles
    Rejected Bat-Signals
    Semi-Modern Family
    Throne of Games
    Superman is a D&%@
    Kharma and Greg
    Kingdom Farts
    A Poop Joke?!
    Futurama Dioramas
    Battlestar Galapagos
    Opponent as Breakfast Mascot

  20. John says:

    Roid Rage Birds
    Dawgs playing poker

  21. Insane Clown Fonzie
    Peter Drunkledge
    Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl
    Gender Neutral Superheroes

  22. Tentacle Prom
    Live Long and Prostetics
    Adventure Time w/ Ross and Marty
    Billy Dee Will.i.am
    Jon Snow the bastard son of Ned Flanders
    Super Art Fight Fanfiction
    Air Bud: Golden Snitch
    Freddie Mercury Poisoning

  23. philkahn says:

    Attack on Titan A.E.
    What Brandon Chalmers is thinking about right now
    Up All Night To Get Clucky
    You Opponent as a Tim Burton Character
    Put a Beard On It!

  24. Cripolizer says:

    Walker Texas Security Guard

  25. Izzy says:

    Hello Cthulu

  26. Randi says:

    Miyazaki films interpreted by Guillermo del Toro

  27. Sarah says:

    Science Ponies

  28. Marty Day says:

    Poop Juice

  29. Late Wizard
    Cotton Candy Samurai
    Red Lantern Richard Nixon
    NinJimmy Carter
    Stella’s Groove
    The Immortal Waitress
    The Most Restrictive Thing Ever

  30. Adam James says:

    Monkey Butter
    Hostile Ecosystem
    Drunken Special Forces
    Sorcerer’s Shame
    Musical Sensei
    Beat-box Hero
    When Cleaning Supplies Attack

  31. mikey says:

    Spaceman Spliff
    Nonagenarian Nicktoons
    Your opponent as a 1st grader
    Science Friction
    What’s that smell?

  32. Bootsie Miller says:

    Everybody Popes

  33. SiennaS says:

    Daft Funk
    X-Men in Black
    The Death Notebook

  34. Evan says:

    Spider manatee
    Man man the super hero
    Optimus Primal Rage

  35. Mike says:

    League of Draven

  36. Sharknado
    Not-so-fantastic Four
    Teenage Mutant Nanny Turtles
    Justice League of Russia
    Muppet babies

  37. robodevil says:

    Dee Snyder’s Beauty School For Boys
    Andre The Midget Has A Posse
    Mushroom Kingdom Massacre
    Your Own Worst Nightmare

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