3000+ Miles. 1000+ Fans. Super Art Fight’s ANIME EXPO Debut

0744 (Face Swap Plus Cable Edit)

This past weekend was a wild one for us at Super Art Fight, hopping a plane and heading west to Los Angeles, CA to be a part of the 2013 edition of Anime Expo.

To be completely honest, we weren’t entirely sure how the AX faithful would respond to us – we’ve build our name on the East Coast, and rarely head out west.  However, the rabid response made something very clear – Los Angeles is totally a home for The Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe!

With roughly 400 people attending our Friday night Unleashed show, and over 1000 attending our Super Art Fight show proper, new fans came out in spades, and we are humbled and excited by the response.

While the memories of Friday’s Unleashed show will live on in those who attended, here’s what you missed at the Saturday show proper.

Bout 1: Noelle “Ginger Haze” Stevenson defeated Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
The insane rookie run of Noelle Stevenson continued in Los Angeles as she took on the Super Art Fight co-creator, Jamie Noguchi. Noguchi, the current SAF champion, was taken to his limit in a fast paced, reversal filled bout.  While it was a tight faceoff (coming down to mere decibel points), Stevenson advanced to the main event.

Bout 2: Baron Von Sexyful defeated “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom
Arguably the most charismatic competitor in the SAF roster, the artist better known as Michael Bracco had quite the back and forth battle with the Charm City Shinobi. Malihom impressed the Los Angeles crowd with his reversals and strong art attacks, but there was no denying the Sexyful One on this day!

Bout 3: Noelle “Ginger Haze” Stevenson defeated Baron Von Sexyful
3-0. That’s the official SAF record for Noelle Stevenson, who went the distance in Los Angeles, building an undefeated record on par with guest artists such as Lar DeSouza and Yuko Ota, making her one of the elite in just two short shows. A rematch of her Match of the Year Candidate with Baron Von Sexyful last April at DC’s Awesome Con, this was one that had the entire roster, our commentators, and the jam-packed live audience on their feet for every twist, turn, reversal and amazing artistic feat.  Its safe to say that the entire Art Fight fanbase agrees when we say….Bring On Round 3.

For those who missed the show, or wish to relive the memories, we’ve posted a full, amazing gallery of photos to our Facebook page thanks to Johnny Shyrock. Check them out here!

Los Angeles – may we meet again soon!

UPDATED: Here’s an awesome look back with YOUR media, thanks to Storify!

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  1. bobbiegirl says:

    You guys rock! You were the highlight of the weekend for me.

  2. Marty Day says:

    Thanks, bobbiegirl. Is it pandering to say you guys were the highlight of the weekend for us?

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