In the Super Art Fight locker room, there are certain shows which are considered the peak of what we do. It’s the shows we anticipate all year, the shows where artists bring out their bag of tricks, the shows we will remember for ages to come.

Since our first Connecticon appearance back in 2009, where we filled a panel room so tight the fire marshall showed up, a humble multi-genre convention in Connecticut has grown to be our biggest show of the year.  Year in, year out, since our graduation to the Main Events room, we’ve performed to our largest crowds each year, ranging as high as 2500.

We’ve given you such heart stopping memories as the gargantuan Connecticut Rumble in 2011, the long anticipated Ghostfreehood/Lar DeSouza showdown in 2010, and the insanity of last years delayed show, which resulted in all out havoc on the canvas.

This year, we have something very special underneath our sleeves – we’re proud to announce that on Saturday Afternoon, July 13th at 5pm, we’ll be bringing you The Havoc in Hartford 2013 which will feature for the first time ever, a Super Art Fight TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT.

Featured on the card for this show, in surprise pairings…

  • Super Art Fight Co-Founder Nick “Hot Soup” DiFabbio (4th Connecticon SAF Appearance)
  • Super Art Fight Co-Founder and Current SAF Champion Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi (5th Connecticon SAF Appearance)
  • 1/2 of the Super Art Fight Tag Champions Baron Von Sexyful (4th Connecticon SAF Appearance)
  • Former Super Art Fight Tag Champion “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom (2nd Connecticon SAF Appearance)
  • Obsidian Abnormal (3rd Connecticon SAF Appearance)
  • Phil “Commando” Kahn (2nd Connecticon SAF Appearance)
  • Mike Donohue (2nd Connecticon SAF Appearance)
  • And last, but far from least, Explosm’s own Shawn Coss (1st Connecticon SAF Appearance)

If that wasn’t enough…

For those of you who are 18+, as a special thank you for those who stayed in line last year and stuck with us even with the 2 hour delay, we will be bringing our infamous Super Art Fight UNLEASHED panel to Connecticon! As a part of the “outside of the con” entertainment for the show, the UNLEASHED event will be hosted at PYUR Nightclub at 113 Allyn Street, on Friday, July 12th at 5pm.  Be ready to be mentally scarred!

Even more than that, we’ve reached out to our dear pals at ThinkGeek to get some sweet nerdy goodies to give out to our favorite fans. Keep an eye on @SuperArtFight to find out how you can win awesome swag ALL WEEKEND LONG.

All that and…one more thing. Which we’ll talk about at the show.


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