Your CONNECTICON 2013 Tag Team Tournament Lineup!


This weekend, we head into Hartford, Connecticut for the 2013th Annual Connecticon, and on Saturday Afternoon, we proudly present The Havoc in Hartford 2013, our latest large scale main event show for arguably our most ravenous live audience.

Earlier this week, we announced the artists, and today, we announce the teams taking each other on in uninhibited artistic combat, featuring some of the most unique pairings ever seen on the SAF canvas.  Here goes…

  • “Hot Soup” Nick DiFabbio & Shawn Coss: Taking one of the co-founders of Super Art Fight and pairing him with one of the many crazy minds of Explosm will only make for pure artistic chaos. As followers of Coss’ instagram know, he draws some truly dark and gory creations, making him a perfect pairing to DiFabbio’s dark pop art.
  • Obsidian Abnormal & Baron Von Sexyful: Arguably the most charismatic duo taking the stage this weekend, it’s a combination of International Flavor, as the Columbian O tag teams with the Eastern European Baron. And the Baron always loves tag teaming.
  • Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi & “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom: The most pure Super Art Fight duo taking the stage this weekend, Noguchi has taken a shine to Malihom in recent weeks, following Malihom’s defeat of Noguchi at the Jewish Museum of Maryland.  Dann wants to make a big splash on our biggest stage this weekend, and Noguchi is a long time CT favorite, so this has to be considered THE team to beat.
  • Phil “Commando” Kahn & Mike Donohue – Team KAHNahue: The surprise big winners at Connecticon last year, these former SAF Idols want to be considered the big time and will take on anyone in their path.  Last year they defeated the current SAF Tag Champions, albeit in a non-title bout, and in turn, have declared THEMSELVES the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…of Connecticut.  They have quite the gauntlet to make it through to defend their self-proclaimed titles, but if any team can rise to the top, it’s Team KAHNahue.


  • Team KAHNahue vs. DiFabbio/Coss
  • Noguchi/Malihom vs. O/Sexyful

Saturday’s show kicks off at 5pm in the Main Events room at Connecticon, and we cannot wait to see you all this weekend.

Just a reminder, our ThinkGeek giveaways start tomorrow on Twitter, so keep an eye on @SuperArtFight for the first details!

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