As you may have noticed at our recent stops at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA and Connecticon in Hartford, CT, we’ve received our first, limited shipments of our long awaited, KickStarted by you book – Super Art Fight: The Greatest Live Art Compilation in the Known Universe.

In turn, it is time to party!

On Friday Night, August 2nd, starting at 7pm, we’ll be having a book release party/gallery show at Charmed Life Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland – the more savvy of you may recognize this as the studio of our own Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau.

Drinks and light fare will be available, as will copies of the book, but most importantly, this will be a gallery exhibition of the original artwork from the book, so that you may take it in its full, real life glory!

Much (if not all) of the Super Art Fight roster will be attending, and we’d love to have you join us as we celebrate this milestone.

Now – you may be wondering right now “I backed the KickStarter, when do I get my stuff?” Well, we just received a large shipment of remaining books (with another shipment or two to come), and we will be having a big shipment party on July 28th to get everything packed and out to you.  That being said – if you wish to have your book and other goodies given to you at the book release party, please email us (Super Art Fight at Gmail) or message us on KickStarter to let us know to hold your rewards for the party!

Either way, the event on August 2nd is free for you to attend, and we promise a great night out. SEE YOU THERE!

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