Niceness vs. Ninja – #1 Contender’s Bout In Our Nation’s Capital


We’ve kicked things off strong with announcing bouts for our November 8th return to the Black Cat by giving DC our first ever SAF Title defense outside of Baltimore.

Now, we’re gonna let DC guide the hand of fate, and pick the next contender for the belt!

On one side, you have the man who has gone from fan, to IDOL contestant, to tag team champion and is rapidly taking down SAF legends.

On the other, you have a former SAF champion, the crowned King of the Cat, and an Olympic level hugger.

On November 8th, we’re gonna pit them against each other to find out who gets the first SAF title shot of 2014…

“Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom
“The Nicest Man in Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr

Grab your tickets now – this is going to be a barn burner!

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