This Friday night we return to Washington, DC for our penultimate show of 2013.

It’s sure to be a barn burner, with the first SAF Title Defense of Kelsey “Killer” Wailes against Red Erin, the #1 Contender’s bout between “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom and Brandon J. Carr, and the veterans battle between Baron Von Sexyful and “Angry Zen Master” Jamie Noguchi…

But we realized we wanted something more out of the wheel this time. WE WANTED EVEN MORE TOPICS.

Yes, once again, we’re calling on you, THE FANS to give us some brand new topics for the Wheel of Death! You’re under pressure this time, as you have only until WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 6TH to get your new topics in.

So how do you submit? It’s easy – just reply to this post and shoot off some ideas.

As always, however, brevity is key. Topics like “Fish tank” are great, as our artists could turn the canvas into an aquarium, or draw a pissed-off fish ready for battle. However, something like “Batman punching an elephant who is on fire which is also on top of a building which is a robot” not only makes little sense, it’s also very long and very restrictive. Either way, we’ll go through the whole list, prune the great ones and add them to the wheel for Friday’s show, and our November 22nd 2013 Finale in Rockville!

As always, all submissions become the right of Super Art Fight LLC for use in live events and any possible reproductions.

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16 Responses to Before The Black Cat…FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH!

  1. philkahn says:

    Rejected Pokemon
    Your opponent in 40 years
    Ross & Marty’s Jaeger
    What Brandon Chalmers does in his free time
    Celebrity Spit Roast!
    Obscure Hanna Barbera Cartoons
    Mario’s Forgotten Vocations
    Double Dare Physical Challenges
    New Advancements in Bedrock Technology
    Your Opponent’s Childhood Hero
    Tim Burton’s Adventure Time
    David Bowie’s Yard Sale
    The Missing Link

  2. Jacob says:

    Balloon Weapons
    Communist Cats
    When Robin Williams was funny
    Things in the Ref’s Basement
    Dr. Whom
    Pacific (Basketball) Rim
    Drunk Monkeys
    Yo Momma Momma
    Dancing Gnomes
    You Mecha Me Crazy
    Ed Wood’s “Batman”
    I Forgot My Pants
    Edgar Allan Ho
    Apocalypse Puppy Cow II: Electric Bugaloo

  3. Alex Kazanas says:

    The Bane of My Existence
    “You’re The Man Now, Dog!”
    Your Opponent as a Baby
    James Bondage
    Wes Anderson’s Star Wars
    Wrecking Ball
    Dungeons and/or Dragons
    Your Worst Childhood Fear

  4. the Scribble says:

    Scrapped Disney Characters

    Attack on Teen Titans

    Grand Theft Autobots!

    Goodbye Kitty

    King of the Silent Hill

    H.P. Minecraft

    Bioshock Infants

    The Grateful Undead

    Sumo Wrastlin’ (Ooooh Yeeeeah!)

    Barack to the Future

    Dungeons & Dragons Discotheque


    Beloved Dr. Zeuss Books

    Turds with Friends

    Bejeweled Blitzkrieg

    Fungal Infestation!

    Worst Date Ever



    Better with Bacon


    Sex, Drugs & Rock Paper Scissors!

    (Its a start)

  5. moeris says:

    Eggs-Benedict Cumberbatch

  6. Halftone Hair Styles
    Salvador Dali-Lama
    Everything’s coming up Milhouse!
    Dancing with the Star Wars

  7. meisterj says:

    Pizza Sentai
    SAF the Anime
    Opponent as a Titan
    Hipster Band
    Puppy Farm
    Rejected Disney Villains
    SAF Memories
    Teenage Wasteland

  8. Morie says:

    -Wet Hot American Wiretapping
    -Edward Snowdenhands
    -Ways the Washington NFL Team Could Be More Racist
    -Le Tour de Franzia
    -The Hunger (Strike) Games
    -Death of Veal
    -Four Loko Horsemen of the Hangover
    -Rule 34

  9. Allison Hill (@Alli893) says:

    Thanks Obama
    Bears in Chairs
    Pinball Wizard of Oz
    Goats in Coats

  10. Super Saiyanxiety
    The Baron’s Assets
    Things Ross Will Do For Money
    Bless you, Kaiju
    Rap Game Jamie Noguchi

  11. John says:

    The Hosts as vacuum cleaners (because we all know Ross sucks)

  12. Amy says:

    Rock ’em Sock ’em Rhinos
    Secret Powers of my Swingline Stapler
    Memes Gone Wild
    Floral Kombat
    Superbowl V BCE
    Meat Tornado
    The Great Catsby
    Bad Decision Bears

  13. Bengie says:

    Oh wait!

    You’re a Terrible Person, Charlie Brown

  14. My car’s breaks sound funny

  15. Cat says:

    My Little Undead Pony
    Star whores
    Transvestite Avengers
    What does the fox say?
    Super fabulous dinosaurs
    Ross sucks
    Batman’s rejected sidekicks
    Retired Pokemon
    Not so super heroes

  16. Alex says:

    Mike deGrasse Tyson
    Nicholas Cage-match
    The pen is mightier
    Rescheduling the apocalypse
    Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
    The Superstitious Friends
    Simpsons did it
    Von Sexyful is pitching a tent and other adventures in camping
    Unlikely LEGO licensing deals
    T-Rex Trying
    Back to the Days of Future Past
    Through the eyes of Bob Ross
    Everything is coming up Milhouse

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