l to r: The Scribble, Sketch Hero, Dr. Brostein, Lioness Rampant, B-bAd, Crod, The DUDEler and Titanium Melon

l to r: The Scribble, Sketch Hero, Dr. Brostein, Lioness Rampant, B-bAd, Crod, The DUDEler and Titanium Melon

On Saturday, November 2nd, the Super Art Fight roster arrived at the Metro Gallery as there was a special feeling in the air.

For the third year, our annual tryout event, Super Art Fight IDOL would take place, and it was an unpredictable afternoon full of amazing artistic combat.

In the end, of the elite eight, only ONE could be the winner, and with his hand raised in victory, last minute alternate, 2011 Idol finalist, Mark Tomczak – nom de art fighter – Dr. Brostein, walked away as the newest member of the SAF roster.

Here’s what went down on Saturday:

The DUDEler (Alex Kazanas) defeated Crod (Peter Johnson)
Titanium Melon (Kat Parker) defeated B-bAd (Branson Belchie II)
Dr. Brostein (Mark Tomczak) defeated Sketch Hero (Chris Williams)
Lioness Rampant (Abby Boeh) defeated The Scribble (Greg Benge)

The DUDEler defeated Titanium Melon
Dr. Brostein defeated Lioness Rampant

Dr. Brostein defeated The DUDEler

All and all, it was a tremendous event, with this years class proving to be the most polished yet.  With five years of SAF events – and three years of tryouts – it’s clear every new generation of talent is getting better and better. The characters more elaborate, the skills more developed. What started as a foolish idea has grown into a true competition, and the bouts keep getting better.  Expect to see multiple talents from this years class show up in future live events.  The level of competition has never been higher at Super Art Fight, and we couldn’t be prouder to bring it to you.

Speaking of proud, we’re working on a final tally, but we are pleased to announce we broke past our intended goal of $1000 for Make-A-Wish Mid Atlantic.  We are so happy to have been able to give to such a great cause, and thank those of you who showed up in person – and those who watched and donated online – for giving to the cause.

Now, all eyes return to our November 8th return to DC at the Black Cat, as wins and losses have never been more important. Every veteran roster member now has a target on their back. Who will win? Who will lose? Who gets to continue in 2014? Stay tuned!

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