NEW JERSEY! Join Us At Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicCon – February 21-23!


New Jersey, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you.

Been since October 2010, in fact.

And we’ve missed you.

Which is why when the fine people behind Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicCon asked us what we were doing February 21st-23rd, 2014, we said “HOPEFULLY HAVING A SHOW IN NEW JERSEY!”

Turns out they were! And now WE are too!

Great, right? We agree!

It’s our absolute pleasure to be a part of this first ever convention, as we will bring two shows to the event, plus – yes! – A QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION, including a “Dark Super Art Fight”!

What does that mean? JOIN US IN NEW JERSEY AND FIND OUT, as we celebrate what is technically our 100th show!

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