Get Your Fancy Britches – SAF 100’s THEME IS….


….A Super Art Fight Homecoming.

That’s right folks, on Saturday night, March 8th, when Super Art Fight returns to The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland for the Super Art Fight 100 Shows Celebration, we’ve got a whole themed party ready for you, as we look back (maybe far back for some of us) as we make the evening a Homecoming Dance-styled night of live entertainment.

In addition to your standard Super Art Fight bouts and awesome musical guest excitement, here’s what you can expect as a part of the show.

  1. Fancy streamers and balloons! Yes, that’s kind of obvious, but we want the night to look as special as it feels to us!
  2. Two VERY SPECIAL bouts, as we crown the HOMECOMING KING and HOMECOMING QUEEN of Super Art Fight. And you just know they’re going to have to have the first dance of the night…
  3. A FANCY BACKDROP FOR YOU TO TAKE PHOTOS! You’re gonna want to make this a night to remember, as you and your date can take an awesome selfie in front of a ridiculous prom night-styled backdrop…or, you can take a photo with your favorite Super Art Fight rosters members, who will be hanging out all night long!

Get your fancy clothes or ridiculous costumes (or both ready), and be sure to grab your tickets, as it’ll be a night you’ll never forget – the SAF 100 Show Celebration – A Super Art Fight Homecoming! And keep your eyes here! We’ll start announcing the card later this week.

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