It looms above our competitors.

It guides the evening, giving and taking with destruction in its wake.

And now you, ONCE AGAIN, get to feed it your utmost desires….


So how do you submit? It’s easy – just reply to this post and shoot off some ideas.

As always, however, brevity is key. Topics like “Fish tank” are great, as our artists could turn the canvas into an aquarium, or draw a pissed-off fish ready for battle. However, something like “Batman punching an elephant who is on fire which is also on top of a building which is a robot” not only makes little sense, it’s also very long and very restrictive. Either way, we’ll go through the whole list, prune the great ones and make us a brand new wheel!

The first show this wheel will be used on is our Katsucon return in February, but you should also see it in play in New Jersey, and at our Ottobar return in March.

This suggestion post will be open through Wednesday, February 12th, so get to writing!

As always, all submissions become the right of Super Art Fight LLC for use in live events and any possible reproductions.
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22 Responses to It’s 2014, LET’S FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH

  1. B. Lynch says:

    – Kaiju Musicals
    – Cthulucha Libre

  2. Janny says:

    Aliens in Ballgowns

    Creepy Seafood

    Evil Disney Princesses

    Exploding Snakes

    Fashion Police

    Holy Cow!

    Iron Manatee

    Irving the Sacred Squirrel

    Marylin Monroe, Ninja

    Minister Golf


    Skeletor Bikini


    ThinkGeek Merchandise Gone Wrong

    Tiara Rex

  3. Your opponent as a Buzzfeed list

    Doomsday devices

    Your opponent with a “dark and edgy” reboot

    Knockoff superheros


    Put a Fez on it!

  4. Christopher says:

    Banana Hammocks for Everyone!
    Marty’s Day Job
    Let’s Kiss

  5. Greg Benge says:

    The Elation of Smaug
    The Wolf of Sesame Street
    The Hungry Hungry Hippo Games
    Winter-Games are Coming
    Fast Food Fight
    Tetris- Church (had to)
    Candy Crush Sagan
    Beefcake as Cheescake
    Rock-Paper-Scissors to the DEATH!
    Armor Hot Dogs
    GTA Springfield
    Redheaded Stranger Danger
    Spooky Scary Skeletons
    Jurassic Prank
    Its a Small World of Warcraft

    The Opposite of the Last Topic

  6. Sabrina says:

    j-pop boy band bears

  7. James H says:

    Midgets as weapons
    Super Art Fight: THE MUSICAL
    Where’s Waldo?
    I think the acid just kicked in…

  8. jadiekins says:

    RuPaul’s Drag Race
    Game of Popes
    Go Packers!
    Batman Motel

  9. Bengie says:

    Tanks Obama
    Troy and Abed in Mourning
    Parks and Recreational Marijuana
    Vacation of the Daleks
    Inferior Spiderman
    Marsupial Madness
    Sherlucky Charms
    AHHH! Real Monsters (of History)
    The Keebler Trolls
    Bowling for Bruises
    Keystone RoboCop
    Star Twerk: The Worst Generation
    Gargoyles Just Wanna Have Fun
    Super Smashed Bros.
    Family Guy Fawkes
    SAF’s Evil Dopplegangers

    Tales from the Crib (Congratulations Angry Zen Master!)

  10. B. Lynch says:

    – Laser Babies
    – Uncomfortably Attractive Scary Clowns
    – Your Opponent, Except Canadian

  11. Tyler says:

    Doctor Moo
    Bruno Mars, God of War
    Sexy Bob-Ombs
    Dr. Mario’s Meth Lab
    Diarrhea Explosives
    Truly Majestic Facial Hair
    Snake-Charm City
    Escape from York, Pennsylvania
    Motherfucking Unicorns
    Teddy Ruxpin, Attorney at Law

  12. smyers says:

    The Hobbit: The Constipation of Smaug
    The Harlem Steak
    How I Met Your Mother-In-Law
    Nicki Minaj A Trois
    Jesse Pinkeye
    Katniss: The Girl On Fire, No Seriously Call the Fire Department
    Nicolas Cage Match
    The Freshman 15
    Jon Stewart Little

  13. Kat Parker says:

    -Falling down stairs
    -That guy across the room
    – Revenge of the cute animals on fire

  14. Doctor Who Goes number 2
    Kitty porn
    Patches, The Nicorette Teddy Bear
    Apathetic Superheroes
    Internet memes (i.e. grumpy cat, condescending wonka…etc.)
    Domo ari gato, Mr. Roboto (Japanese style robots)
    Cartoon characters
    GAME OVER! : Video game character deaths

  15. mikey says:

    You Are What You Eat
    Your Opponent As The Homecoming King/Queen
    Sci Fi Prom
    Night Of The Living Muppets
    Adventure Mime
    Hybrid Animals

  16. John Rodriguez II says:

    Cereal Killers (Breakfast Mascots)
    Breaking Bad Babies
    My Little Nicolas Cage (Nicolas Cage in the style of My Little Pony)
    Arnold the Hedgehog (Arnold Schwarzenegger as a hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog)
    Monsters in Disguise
    Mecha-Hitler Vs. The World
    Super Hero Rejects
    (Sex) Toy Story
    Bieber Fever Kaijus

  17. Meghan Hunt says:

    Furries vs. Robots
    Pineapple Snuff Films
    Hey (Tom) Arnold!
    I Mustache You a Question

  18. Dan Mario says:

    Puppy Butts
    Pompadours. Pompadours Everywhere.
    LEGO SuperArtFighter!
    Revenge of Punxsutawney Phil
    Zombified Cosplayers Attack!
    Baby Ninja Noguchi
    The Worst Parts About Valentine’s Day
    Pokemon That Shouldn’t Be
    Future Space Combat
    Retired Washed-out Superheroes
    Nintendo Nonsense
    Fast Food Arms Race
    Sick Cats
    Lethal Winter Olympic Sports
    Cyborg Olympic Hockey Drinking Team
    Yeti Steady GO!
    Ducktails “A whoo hoo!”
    Studio Gibli’s Dark Secret
    Short Skirts, Big Kawaii
    Bears in Chairs

  19. Headachequeen says:

    My little Kaiju
    The secret ingredient is…
    Attack of the Fedoras
    Your opponent as a meme
    “Shark Week”
    What your pets are really thinking
    your opponent’s dream come true
    Moist Kitties

  20. Kai Azrael says:

    Wolverine “THE MUSICAL”
    Tardis sauce
    Le misAvengers
    Faptastic 4
    Amedeus Cockthulu
    X muppets (Xmen Muppets)
    Winnie the HULK (Winnie the Pooh combined with blood of the Hulk)

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