A Homecoming Needs A King And Queen: Final Two Bouts For #SAF100

Folks, we’ve told you that #SAF100 was going to be our biggest event of all time.

We told you to get your fancy clothes – or costumes – ready.

We told you that you’d see an SAF title bout unlike any other with Brandon J. Carr going for title #2 versus Kelsey “Killer” Wailes. We told you that there’d be one of the craziest tag matches, as the so-called Jager Pilots of the Angry Zen Master and Charm City Shinobi take on the debuting mad monsters of Kaiju Crush.

But to top off our Baltimore Homecoming? We’re gonna let you pick out the king and queen. Both bouts give incredible rookies a once in a lifetime opportunity against some of our finest. And both bouts are sure to be completely memorable.  And when the smoke clears, they’re going to have to dance.

Your last two battles for #SAF100 are….


“The Kommissar of Kindness” Red Erin
 taking on the debuting SAF IDOL 2013 Finalist Lioness Rampant


SAF Tag Team Champion Baron Von Sexyful
 takes on The Dudeler

This will be one of our most ridiculous cards of all time. Count on it.

Don’t get shut out of our biggest party of the year. Seriously. Don’t be a fool – get your tickets RIGHT NOW.

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  1. I want to see Ross and Marty dance…

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