#SAF100: The Celebration Gets Even Bigger


Folks, we keep trying to make it clear, Super Art Fight 100 is going to be not just a big show…but our biggest show ever.

We’ve got four major bouts, we’ve got the awesome Max Levine Ensemble as our musical guest, we’re making it a homecoming proper by inviting you to dress up (whether dressing well or in costume), we’re even going to have a photo booth so you remember the night forever.

Well…it’s even bigger now, you guys.

Try as he might to keep it quiet, #SAF100 marks another milestone…as SAF Senior Official Brandon Chalmers will be celebrating his 30th birthday that night as well!

How much bigger does the show need to be? And you know you don’t want to make Brandon sad. Make him happy. Get your tickets. Join us on Saturday Night, March 8th live at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s gonna be a night you’ll never forget.

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