#SAF100: Results and YOUR Reactions To Our Big Ottobar Return!

We promised a special night, and with the help of you, our amazing audience, we made it happen.  We asked you to get the word out, you did. We asked you to dress up, you did. We asked you to give us your all, and boy did you ever!

Over 350 of you absolutely slammed The Ottobar this past Saturday night, wrapping the block in anticipation as we celebrated 100 shows.  The show never once let up, with four amazing bouts, and a memorable musical appearance from The Max Levine Ensemble, who may be the first band to ever cover Weird Al on the Ottobar stage.

We cannot thank you enough for joining us live on Saturday, it was truly a night everyone in SAF will never forget.

For those who missed out – we’re sorry you couldn’t be there! But, here’s what went down.

Bout #1 Baron Von Sexyful defeated The Dudeler to be crowned SAF Homecoming King
SAF 100 kicked off with style, as the always flamboyant Baron Von Sexyful was paired off with SAF Idol 2013 Finalist The Dudeler. The show started huge as The Dudeler came out with arguably the most elaborate entrance in SAF history, complete with dancing girls and a bowling ball, but he was taken down by the Sexyful vet. This definitely will NOT be the last we see of the Dudeler.

Bout #2
 Red Erin defeated Lioness Rampant to be crowned SAF Homecoming Queen
Speaking of impressive debuts, how about Lioness Rampant? The loyal lady knight took Red Erin, a former SAF title contender, to the limit, and were it not for the .5 decibel difference, we may have seen this rookie sensation take the Homecoming crown! One of the best matches of the evening, the lady energy was in full effect at SAF 100.

Bout #3 The Charm City Shinobi, Dann Malihom & El Russo Rojo defeated KAIJU KRUSH (Krod & Mekonga)
From homecoming royalty to absolute ridiculousness. El Russo Rojo proved to be a perfect pairing for the Baltimore-based Ninja, as they took down the legendary lizard and cybernetic ape that made up Kaiju Krush. Reset the war clock – that’s two Kaijus down on the way to possible tag team gold!

Bout #4 Kelsey “Killer” Wailes, as STOMPADON defeated “The Nicest Man in Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr to retain her SAF Championship
Stepping up to the occasion, the multiple-personalities of SAF Champion Kelsey Wailes were in full effect at SAF 100. Bringing the pain to the canvas as Stompadon, she even had a SECOND Stompadon in the audience! (Seriously, we have COSPLAYERS now.)  Brandon J. Carr battled valiantly in his pursuit for a 2nd SAF title, but Wailes continues on with two successful defenses.

And now, to provide a fans eye view of the event, here is another wonderful Storify of your Tweets and Instagrams throughout the night. There’s a LOT of them, so get ready to read!

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  1. It was so much fun! Thanks guys! 😀

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