FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH! (Spring 2014 Edition)


Upgraded and more dangerous than ever, the Wheel of Death v. 2.0 guides the fate of our competitors and puts the challenge in our unique form of creative combat.

With big shows coming up this Spring, we figured now is a GREAT time to get your input on the topics to be seen on future live events.

So with that said….


So how do you submit? It’s easy – just reply to this post and shoot off some ideas.

As always, however, brevity is key. Topics like “Fish tank” are great, as our artists could turn the canvas into an aquarium, or draw a pissed-off fish ready for battle. However, something like “Batman punching an elephant who is on fire which is also on top of a building which is a robot” not only makes little sense, it’s also very long and very restrictive. Either way, we’ll go through the whole list, prune the great ones and make us a brand new wheel!

The first show this wheel will be used on is our BIG HUGE BIG Black Cat return on Saturday, May 17th, which you should TOTALLY buy tickets for here.

This suggestion post will be open through Wednesday, May 14th, so get to writing!

As always, all submissions become the right of Super Art Fight LLC for use in live events and any possible reproductions.

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59 Responses to FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH! (Spring 2014 Edition)

  1. Were you born in a barn??

  2. Something’s Peeking!

  3. …Under the Boardwalk…

  4. Alligators in Monsieur

  5. Bunny Love: Cadbury Bunny or Killer Rabbit (Holy Grail)

  6. mikey says:

    Unlikely Kaiju
    Flower Power
    Your Opponent as Royalty
    Game of Clones
    Kung Funicorns

  7. Jamie says:

    A Lannister Always Slays His Frets
    Coo Coo Cthulu
    Portal Kombat
    Monkeys In Tutus

  8. (I cannot be at this sure-to-be fantabulous SuperArtFight. Maybe some of my submissions will! Best of luck, and rock that paper like she just turned legal!!!)
    aka deardingaling

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