Our Black Cat Return Gets Even BIGGER, with BIG COUNTRY EXPRESS!


With just 10 days until our big time upstairs debut at The Black Cat in Washington DC, we’re feeling pretty great about the show. The card is solid, our artists are chomping at the bit to attack the canvas (and each other) – but the show needed something extra. A cherry on the Sundae.

Something DC. Something awesome.

So, much as we do at our Ottobar megaevents, we’re proud to announce that the show will feature a band – Washington DC’s own Big Country Express!

Who are Big Country Express?

If a Derecho and a Polar Vortex had a rock baby. Forged in a backyard shed near H Street NE, Big Country Express exploded onto the DC scene in Summer 2013. Combining elements of Soul, R&B, Indie and a heavy dose good old fashioned Rock, BCE brings a unique blend of grit and dance-ablity to the stage. BCE are proud of their DC roots and have been bringing their thunderous jams to headline venues throughout the district and East Coast.

And now, they get to rock the SAF stage on May 17th.  If you’d like to learn more about Big Country Express, check out their website, or their SoundCloud page for more!

In the meantime – get your tickets today. 4 bouts, 1 band, and the biggest DC Super Art Fight EVER? How can you go wrong?

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