STRAP IN, HARTFORD – Here’s Your Connecticon 2014 Card!


Once again, we at the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe have the honor and pleasure of heading north to one of our biggest shows of the year, the massive multi-genre convention known as Connecticon!

Many amazing bouts have taken place on Connecticon stages, and we intend to live up to our history once again, with a fantastic card full of SAF’s best – plus some newbies or artists you haven’t seen in some time.

Now – the schedule has yet to be announced, so we do not know yet the days or times for these shows, but here’s what’s going down for our Main Stage Show at Connecticon 2014.

– The Dudeler & The Commando vs. El Russo Rojo & Charm City Shinobi
This match blew away the audience at our most recent Washington, DC event, and clearly, these teams have some unfinished business, as the feud heads north to Hartford! This is a first time appearance for both the Dudeler and El Russo Rojo, and we know that the CTCon audience will welcome them with open arms.

– Baron Von Sexyful vs. Annie Stoll
Marking the Super Art Fight debut for the insanely talented illustrator of Ode, Annie Stoll has a heck of a mountain to climb in the infamous fashionista, SAF’s own Baron Von Sexyful. Will Annie be able to withstand the Baron? Can ANYONE withstand the Baron? Find out in Connecticut.

-Garth Graham vs. ???
It’s been a while since Garth Graham has tackled the Super Art Fight canvas, but as a former champion, we expect a hero’s welcome for the current artist of Star Power. That said, he will face the literal unknown – an artist who’s identity we will keep secret until bout time, an artist who we’ve been dying to feature since Super Art Fight’s inception. All we can say is, this special guest certainly will not suck.

If that wasn’t enough, we can ALSO promise the return of our insane, crazy 18+ Super Art Fight UNLEASHED panel!

Stay tuned here to for all the details, including show times, dates and locations as the convention gets closer. Until then, New England, get ready to open your arms, IT’S TIME FOR AN ART FIGHT!

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  1. I really hope the special guest is Professor Dog Doggerson!

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