Everywhere We’ll Be THIS WEEKEND at ConnectiCon 2014!


This weekend, we return to Hartford, Connecticut for the 2014 edition of ConnectiCon.

ConnectiCon is one of our favorite conventions every year, having been a part of it since our fire-marshall angering debut back in 2009. We’ve seen SAF at its best at this show, and we’re proud to announce that this year, we intend to do more of the same.

SO – Where can you see SAF this weekend? Here are our three big events.

Friday, July 11th, SUPER ART FIGHT (All Ages)
– Main Events

Simply put, it’s the show that brought us to the dance.  Tackling the canvas, we’ll have the following bouts:
– Baron Von Sexyful battling the debuting Annie Stoll
– The Tag Team War heads north, as The Dudeler & The Commando square off against The Charm City Shinobi & El Russo Rojo!
– Former SAF Champion Garth Graham returns to the canvas to take on an artist we’ve been waiting to see in an Art Fight for SIX YEARS.

– Panel 1

Our podcast has been going pretty strong since we introduced it back in January, and we’re going to attempt to record our first ever live episode, provided the recording equipment works out! Join us as we tell stories of ConnectiCon’s past and present, and open the floor to you, our dear fans, for a no-holds-barred Q&A session!

Saturday, July 13th – Super Art Fight UNLEASHED (18+)
– Panel 1

Spoken of in hushed tones from convention to convention, no photos or video are allowed, but ANYTHING GOES ON THE CANVAS. You will remember this for ages to come. Be ready to bleach your eyeballs!

Besides that, we’ll be hanging out in the Online Media Guests Hall all weekend, and generally, being the lovable jerks you know as Super Art Fight.

See you in a few days, New England!

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