The (Lack of) Sound & The Fury: First Time Ever Tag Team Match Signed For Ottobar!


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville and Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau on the SAF canvas.

Since losing the SAF tag titles on March 30th, 2013 to Team Sexyfulness, the Team IMPACT representatives known collectively as “Silent Apocalypse” have been out of the spotlight. As they’ve been gone, a new generation of Art Fight talent has taken over – artists unlike anything Gnau and Prindiville had to face during their ascension to the top of the tag team ranks.

Two of those artists? The rapidly rising duo of the Charm City Shinobi and El Russo Rojo. Sure, Gnau and Prindiville faced the Shinobi in the past, but they never knew the current version, a top-tier star in his own right, traveling the country to live events and battling SAF’s biggest names – they just knew the wet behind the ears newbie eager to make his spot. And they’ve never seen anything like the lonely luchador looking for love known as El Russo Rojo.

On September 20th at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, it’s going to be a first time face off for two teams just needing a key victory to define their place in the Tag Team landscape. This one is going to be one of the hardest fought battles of the night. Be ready for anything, as it will be…

Silent Apocalypse
Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville & Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau
Crimson Fury
Charm City Shinobi & El Russo Rojo

Tickets are on sale now at for our next big Ottobar spectacular. See this match, and three others, live and in person. Grab your tickets today!

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