The Web Show Arrives…


tomorrow morning, Tuesday, August 19th at 8am EST.

Folks, we know we promised you this Web Show by the Spring, but we learned the hard way that a properly produced video program takes longer than you’d think.

That said, we have a wonderful team (shot and edited by Heather Haynes, with awesome on-screen graphic work from Rob May III) who have delivered four amazing episodes of this series for your enjoyment.

Starting tomorrow morning, you’ll get new episodes every Tuesday morning, and more than that, the internet will pick the victors.

What’s on tap? As you can see by the graphic on the top of the post, this is an eight artist, single elimination tournament. You’ll be able to watch the shows on our YouTube channel (subscribe today!), or right here at

At the end of each video, there will be a link to bring you – and all the viewers – back here to to vote on who they thought was the better artist. Once tallied (each bout will be open for voting for one month), we will record Round 2…and then the final two will battle at a future LIVE Super Art Fight event where the winner will get a shot at the SUPER ART FIGHT CHAMPION!

Here’s your schedule! (Edit: Slight modification!)

  • Tuesday, August 19th – The Dudeler vs. El Russo Rojo
  • Tuesday, August 26th – Baron Von Sexyful vs. Charm City Shinobi
  • Tuesday, September 2nd – The Commando vs. Duchess Von Sexyful
  • Tuesday, September 9th – Mekonga vs. Red Erin

Now all we ask from you is two things:


2. SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! If you’ve been wanting to tell your friends and family what Super Art Fight is all about, THIS IS THE MOMENT! Get it on your Facebook, your Twitter, your blogs. Lets see how far we can make the Greatest Live Art Competition KNOWN to the Universe!

See you tomorrow morning for one of the biggest moments in Super Art Fight history!

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