Your Card For MAGFest 8.5 THIS WEEKEND!


One of the most unique shows we’ve ever been a part of – MAGFest 8.5, a return to the early days of MAGFest is this weekend, and we’re proud to announce that we will be doing the Super Art Fight thing as only we can, This Saturday, September 13 at 4pm in Panel 1.

We introduced our list of competitors to you last month, and now it’s time to announce the card you’ll see this weekend….

Red Erin vs. The Markermancer

A return bout of the 2011 Super Art Fight IDOL Finals, this bout sees Markermancer trying to make her way back into the SAF Rankings while taking on someone who has become quite a fan favorite in Red Erin. Look for this to be the most hotly contested battles of the afternoon!

Mecha IMPACT vs. The Commando

Team IMPACT’s plan to seek and destroy the SAF rookies continues here, as the boom man himself, The Commando takes on Super Art Fight’s resident robot, Mecha IMPACT. Sparks will fly and The Commando will make you go deaf for sure (or go hoarse trying) in this first ever one on one bout!

El Russo Rojo vs. Doctor Destructo Dome

Just one week before he gets a Super Art Fight Title Shot, the nefarious DDD will take on our resident romantic, the mysterious multi-ethnic luchadore known as El Russo Rojo. Can the crowd favorite defeat the mad scientist? This is a bout that will have HUGE ramifications on the future SAF title rankings!

All bouts will be hosted and commentated on by our own Marty Day, and for the first time, our own referee, Brandon Chalmers will be joining the broadcast team, as Ross Nover will be small pressing or something…

But that’s not all!

In a unique twist, we’re proud to also announce that Super Art Fight will be (indirectly) involved in this weekend’s Pokemon tournament! In one of the weirdest announcements we’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing with you, The Commando will be one of MAGFest’s resident gym masters this weekend, so take him on with your tiny monsters!

Join us this weekend – it’s going to be like 2010 all over again!

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