The Super Art Fight Online Invitational Tournament Continues…THIS WEDNESDAY!


That’s right folks, it’s been a long time coming, but our YouTube show, the first ever Super Art Fight Online Invitational continues THIS WEEK!

You voted, we tallied, and in front of an intimate live studio audience, we recorded our semi-finals of this awesome interactive battle!

As you can see, in the opening rounds, The Commando squashed Duchess Von SexyfulBaron Von Sexyful beat Charm City ShinobiThe Dudeler took down El Russo Rojo and Red Erin wiped the canvas with Mekonga.

This Wednesday, January 14th, the SEMI-FINALS BEGIN as Baron Von Sexyful takes on Red Erin. Next Wednesday, January 21st, The Dudeler takes on The Commando as tag team partners collide!

Each bout will be given two weeks to vote, and then, on February 4th, we will bring you the NO HOLDS BARRED FINALS, as one victor, and one victor alone gets to take on Super Art Fight Champion, STOMPADON in the MAIN EVENT of Super Art Fight…IN SPACE, live at The Ottobar on Saturday, March 7th.

The power is in your hands, Internet. Be ready for the awesome, THIS WEDNESDAY!

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