A First Time Tag Team Clash Set For The Ottobar, March 7th!


At Super Art Fight…IN SPACE, March 7th at the Ottobar, we’re gonna see the Tag Team Division get a shakeup.

With one-half of the SAF Tag Champions in the mix for a Super Art Fight Title shot, the SAF Championship Committee decided it was time to test out some new pairings and new blood on the canvas, as the over year-long reign of Team Sexyfulness has wiped out nearly all comers.

In turn, in just a few weeks in Baltimore, you’re going to see two brand new duos tag up for the first time, and battle to make their way in the SAF tag rankings.

On one side, you have a Super Art Fight Icon and one of Baltimore’s favorite ninjas. On the other side, you have a devious doctor, and a school teacher working with evil to secure a really awesome field trip.

For the first time ever, we bring you…

Charm City Shinobi & Angry Zen Master
Doctor Destructo Dome & Miss Scribble

Don’t sleep on this bout – this could absolutely steal the show! Be sure to see it live, and grab your tickets today!

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