The Commando Will Feel The Impact, June 27th in DC!


With less than two weeks to go until Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s on Saturday, June 27th in Washington, DC, the excitement in the Super Art Fight locker room is at an all time high.

And with excitement, forms tension. And with tension, come challenges.

What challenge exactly? Back at MAGFest 8.5, SAF fans were delighted to see a battle of a returning veteran with one of our loudest upstarts. The battle went to the wire, and fans had a hard time deciding a victor.

Neither artist has forgotten, and at the Black Cat two incredible artists will collide once again to see who measures up.

It will be..


Will the Commando strike First Blood? Or will Mecha Impact Terminate the competition? Join us live and find out. Tickets are available now and going fast!

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