Angry Shinobi Leads Tag Team Action Into The 80s!


Under the iron (yet fashionable) fists of Team Sexyfulness, the tag team division has been locked in a stalemate, with the tag titles locked in place for over a year to date.

Teams have tried again and again to reach the top of the mountain, only to be stopped by The Baron and The Duchess.

In turn, many SAF competitors have had to re-team, and even new teams have begun to petition to get on the shows. On June 27th, at Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s, we present a look at two of our newer duos.

On one side of the canvas, the return of the team of Angry Shinobi, Charm City Shinobi and Angry Zen Master, riding high on their defeat of Doctor Destructo Dome and Miss Scribble at Super Art Fight In Space.

On the other? A brand new duo, with an interesting back story.

Last month, the Super Art Fight Championship Committee was sent a chest filled with doubloons. In it, appeared a note. Two artists of the high seas wished to have their SAF dreams become reality. Was it bribery? Perhaps. But who are we to argue with pirates. The artists? Captain Salsa Verde and his first mate, Dijon Moutarde.

On June 27th, it’s going to be…


Hide the eyes of the children, this bout’s gonna be so intense, it can only be rated ARRRRRR! And the only way you can see it? Joining us live as Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s at the Black Cat in Washington, DC. Grab your tickets now!

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