All Your Last Minute Details (And Schedule!) For Tonight’s SUPER ART FIGHT UNLEASHED!


Tonight is a night that will live in infamy, as for the first time ever, Super Art Fight is proud to present a stand-alone iteration of a convention favorite, SUPER ART FIGHT UNLEASHED!

We will be going totally uncensored at this 18+ only event, coming at you live from the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland.

To cover some last minute details, here’s what you need to know.

  • As of this writing, tickets are still available online, and we anticipate remaining seats to be available at the door. Pre-sales have been ramping up as the event has gotten closer, so we recommend ordering online – or arriving early – to avoid missing out! Tickets are $15 online, and will be $18 at the door.
  • Between bouts, we will be presenting amazing burlesque performances courtesy of Baltimore’s own Bawdy Shop Burlesque. It’s been a very long time since the worlds of burleseque and SAF have collided, and we’re very excited to be working with this troupe.
  • This show will be seated. Your tickets do not indicate specific seating, but seats will be available (along with a standing section in the back of the venue).
  • The show schedule for tonight is as follows:
    • 8pm Doors
    • 8:30  Show
      • SAF Pairing #1: Alex Kazanas (Captain Salsa Verde/The Dudeler) & Rob Emm (El Russo Rojo/Dijon Mustarde)
      • Burlesque Performance #1: SUNNY SIGHED & BAL’D LIGHTNING
      • Burlesque Performance #2: RUBY ROCKAFELLA
      • SAF Pairing #2: Jamie Baldwin (Miss Scribble) & Dann Malihom (Charm City Shinobi)
      • Burlesque Performance #3: DANZIG MAKLOSOV
      • Burlesque Performance #4: KAY SERA
      • SAF Pairing #3 (Main Event): Jamie Noguchi (Angry Zen Master) & Nick DiFabbio (Ghostfreehood/MeKonga)
  • As always, the topics for an UNLEASHED Wheel of Death come courtesy of Cards Against Humanity (and are updated through the 6th Expansion). This should give an idea of the assault that’s about to hit your eyeballs.
  • NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS WILL BE ALLOWED. This is a zero-tolerance policy. SAF UNLEASHED is designed by its nature to be an uncensored, possibly offensive live event. In order to protect the performers and their vocations (and to keep the event special for those attending), there will not be any photography or videography of the event. Period.

All and all, we’re extremely excited for this show, and we hope you are too! We’ve been very, very pleased with the response, and look forward to delivering an event you’ll never forget!

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