Richmond Update: Of Fathers And Sleeplessness


Super Art Fight has been host to a unique mixture of characters from Day One, but the one who spoke loudest to many was someone with few words – the intimidating Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville.

He’s held SAF tag gold, he’s taken on many of the SAF originals, and was a founding member of Team IMPACT. But we haven’t seen him on the canvas in some time. As a father to a newborn daughter, it seemed Prindiville was growing a gooey, candy center to the silent and fierce competitor we once knew, and his time away from the SAF canvas was assumed by all to be a delightful one.

Until we received a phone call. On the other end, we heard a voice we rarely, if ever heard. That voice had this to say.

“Daddy. Don’t. Sleep.”

Recognizing the voice, we jumped at the opportunity to find out where Bryan was, and has been. His answer?

“Daddy. Don’t. Sleep.”

Seizing the moment, we asked simply – would he want to face ex-Team IMPACT teammate, fellow father, and SAF Co-Founder Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi.

His answer? Of course…

“Daddy. Don’t. Sleep.”

So, on Saturday, September 5th in Richmond, VA at Strange Matter, it will be…


Put the kids to bed for this one. It might get ugly. Tickets are on sale here!

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