HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015: Richmond Main Event Rematch Signed!

Photo Courtesy of Jasmine Pinales

Photo Courtesy of Jasmine Pinales

Coming out of our Richmond, VA debut, one of the most talked about matches was the main event – a pulse-pounding, senses-shattering intense battle for the Super Art Fight Championship between champion Red Erin and challenger Miss Scribble.

Scribble – a SAF veteran – took the plucky Komissar of Kindness to her limit, resulting in a bout that engaged the fans, and resulted in a rare secondary decision needing to be made.

Even after polling the audience twice, the difference in decibel levels between the two competitors was still ranged in tenths, but Miss Scribble ultimately was the victor, insuring her second SAF championship, and a new champion crowned in our Richmond debut.

Traditionally, this results in the incumbent champion returning to the bottom of the SAF rankings, having to fight their way up to the top.

With Super Art Fight Presents HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015 looming, the SAF Championship Committee had to think long and hard about how to best handle the controversial finish.

In turn…in a rare rematch, for the SUPER ART FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, your main event for The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD on October 17th is….

MISS SCRIBBLE (Champion) vs. RED ERIN (Challenger)

This will be a WAR. Grab your tickets! Standard tickets just $15, VIP Ticket (which includes a show poster!) just $20.

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