Super Art Fight IDOL 2015: Meet The Elite 8!


Ladies and gentlemen, we are incredibly proud and honored to announce the Elite Eight for the 2015 Super Art Fight IDOL Tournament.

On Saturday, October 24th in Baltimore, Maryland, these eight artists will collide in a single-elimination tournament, with the winner gaining a spot on the Super Art Fight roster.

That said – SAF Idol is a place where talent is scouted, and we’ve seen winners and finalists alike become SAF stars.

Among others, 2011 brought us the Charm City Shinobi and El Russo Rojo, 2012 brought us Red Erin and the Commando, and 2013 brought us The Lioness and The Dudeler.

Who, on October 24th will rise to the occasion? Here are your finalists.

  1. Shoujo-A-Go-Go (Jessi Pascal – Ashburn, Virginia)
  2. Monkah Mouse (Monica Amneus – Baltimore, Maryland)
  3. Mike Donohue (Mike Donohue – Rochester, New York)
  4. The Valkyrie (Gloria Ngo – Baltimore, Maryland)
  5. Princess of Darkness (Colleen Parker – Brookeville, Maryland)
  6. The Lightning Lesbian (Sara Neary – Boston, Massachusetts)
  7. De’bra Jessica Vegaz, Long Island Psychic (Marie Condenzio – Baltimore, Maryland)
  8. Blingo Starchild (Conor Nolan – Brooklyn, New York)

To see these artists collide and see who rises to the occassion is absolutely FREE. Super Art Fight IDOL 2015 will be held for the first time at the Windup Space, in Baltimore, Maryland, starting at 2pm. Come on out and see the next generation of talent arrive!

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