HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2015: An IDOL’s First Challenge!

Monkah, as seen at SAF Idol 2015 (Thanks, Brad Brooks!)

Monkah, as seen at SAF Idol 2015 (Thanks, Brad Brooks!)

The week of announcements for SUPER ART FIGHT’S SECOND ANNUAL NON-DENOMINATIONAL SPECTACULAR continue on, as we look at our second of four bouts scheduled for Friday, December 4th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC.

At SUPER ART FIGHT IDOL 2015, one individual rose above the rest, and with an eye roll, set herself at the top of the heap (not that she cared).

At the Black Cat, she’s going to face a massive challenge, as she goes one-on-one with an all time great, who also was one of the judges that brought her in to the locker room.

The unstoppable force meets the uninterested object, as it will be…


The ex-mousekateer looks to make her mark by taking out a legend, while the Angry Zen Master wants to teach some respect.

Who will win?! Only way to find out – and that’s by joining us live.

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