HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2015: A Special Pre-Order Offer!


As the days pass by and we get EVER CLOSER to our final show of 2015, Super Art Fight’s Second Annual Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular, we’re proud to celebrate the season by offering you – our amazing fans – a special holiday offer.

For everyone who purchases a ticket in advance (which you can do right now, via, you get a special offer – the show poster is yours for just FIVE BUCKS. Yes. $5. No more, no less.

Our show posters are one of the coolest items you can get for any Super Art Fight event, and we wanted to give something a little special for the folks who pick up their tickets in advance.

How does it work? At the show, just head to the merch table, and show them your email receipt for buying your tickets in advance. After that, you can get a show poster (as designed by Alex Kazanas, who you may know better as The Dudeler or Captain Salsa Verde) for $5 (normally $10).

It’s the reason for the season, giving back and giving you something special. Grab your ticket for our Black Cat return today, and we will see you live and in person on December 4!

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