HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2015: Destructo Dome vs. Sexyful – IN COMIC FORM?!


One of the dark horse “bout of the night” candidates for this Friday’s show at the Black Cat in Washington DC (also known as SUPER ART FIGHT’S Second Annual Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular) is the showdown between Baron Von Sexyful and Doctor Destructo Dome.

We told you at the time that this bout was a must-win for both competitors, and both artists are ready to showdown on the stage…but before that, they battled in COMIC form.

Published on their respective social media pages, and collected for the first time below, we give you the comic book prologue of Friday night’s bout:

Click to Enlarge!

Click to Enlarge!

Want to see how it ends? Join us live. Tickets are still available.

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