It’s the best time of year! TIME TO FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH!

With THREE major shows coming up in the Super Art Fight schedule (that’d be our returns to Katsucon, MAGFest and The Ottobar respectively), it’s time for us to dust off the Wheel of Death and get a new batch of topics loaded in for 2016!

How can you contribute to our favorite topic generator? EASY! Just reply in the comments – yes, we’re telling you to READ the comments for once! – and let us know what topics you want to see on the Wheel of Death.

The topics will be analyzed and sorted, with some edited for clarity and simplicity, but YOUR topics could make it into future SAF bouts!

PROTIP: Shorter topics work better! While “Godzilla Rollerskating While Eating A Banana Split” sounds fun, it’s very creatively limiting for our artists – both you and they know what you’ll see. But with a topic like “Fish Tank”, you could get the standard interpretation, or something crazier like a goldfish heading into war!

Keep filing these comments up, as we’ll be going back to this between Katsucon, MAGFest, and All Killer, No Filler on March 12 at the Ottobar!

All suggestions become property of Super Art Fight, LLC for future reproduction and live performance.
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18 Responses to THIS IS 2016. THIS IS THE WHEEL OF DEATH.

  1. O'doyle Rules says:

    Poop On A Butt
    Brandon Calmer
    Hungry Hungry Hippo Games

  2. sadboyinsnow says:

    Onii-Channing Tatum

  3. Oswin says:

    Jurassic Galaxy
    Monster Politics
    Alice in (blank) Land
    Fairytale Mash-up
    Frankenstein for President
    Steampunk Star Wars

  4. Tom S says:

    Steampunk Marvel Comics
    Force Awakens Ships
    Donald Trump as a Monster

  5. Eric P says:

    Erotic Obesity
    Kamakazi Republicans

  6. philkahn says:

    Part Of A Darwinist Breakfast

  7. Teacher’s Pet Slug
    Giant Sweat Drops
    Dog Noses

  8. Jonathan Wolinski says:

    •Super Mario Fart
    •My Cat Dorito
    •Freddie Murder Me
    •Abuse The Force
    •Dark Souls

  9. DB says:

    Taco Cat
    Turtle Time!
    Mean Bean Machine
    Cyborg Action Heros
    Flammable when Wet
    Toothy Doodles
    Whoopsy Daisies
    Revenge of Tinky Winky
    The Brown Note
    Return of Ziggy Stardust
    Love You With All My Butt
    Loved to Bits
    Still in the Splash Zone
    Sticky, but Pleasant
    Pimpmaster Brandon Chalmers
    Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
    Lovely Weather for Ducks
    Weaponized Breakfast Foods
    Happy Valentine’s, Ya Filthy Animal
    Catapults of Unusual Size
    Carrie Fisher’s Weird Dog
    Bald Fighters Unite
    Dr. Wily’s Kawaii Robot Masters
    Morphin Time
    Batfleck Calls in a Favor
    Clark Kent’s Other Secret Identity
    With a Deadly Weapon
    Rusty Butterknives
    Two Heads are Better than None
    Mary Poppins, Serial Killer

  10. Carl says:

    Invisible ink

  11. Carlos P. says:

    Pizza Party!

    Pizza Butts!

    Butt Party!

  12. Kelly S. says:

    Chihuahua Rodeo
    The Crown Jewels
    Chinese Penis Trap
    Flannel Pajamas
    Bathtime with Bert and Ernie

  13. Brett says:

    Unicorn Cartel
    Things you shouldn’t juggle
    Tronald Dump
    Ice T with Ice Cube
    Dead Panda Society
    Bone Pugs and Harmony
    Marvel vs D.C. (The city, not the comics)
    GTA 9: Dollywood
    Zodiac Killer emoji note
    Inventions worse than selfie sticks

  14. Good chickens gone bad
    Bad Hare Day
    Lesser Known Sports
    Are you a God?
    Ooo! Shiny Things
    When Tiger Woods Attacks!
    Rejected Disney Heroes

  15. Jax says:

    Sexy Septuagenarians
    Cuckoo Clock
    Terrible Pinball Machines
    Cartoon Characters after Espresso
    Household objects with artificial intelligence
    Character Style Swap
    Rehabilitated Villain Professions

  16. punkadyne says:

    – Fungus among us
    – Any 12 days of Xmas verse
    – Samurai Pizza Cats
    – Discount cosplay
    – Luxury yacht snobbery
    – Aging kaiju
    – Stompadon Juan
    – Lucha libre con leche
    – Alternate Starbucks mascots
    – Jocks vs. Nerds
    – Most 80s scene ever
    – Far Side gags
    – ZZ Topless
    – Lost City of Alanis Morissette
    – Punk Walrus

  17. punkadyne says:

    – Pokemon cashiers
    – Cheez Whiz
    – Springtime for Hitler
    – Zombie or Nazi…bie…
    – We get it, you vape!
    – Mad Maxipads
    – Hybrid Animals
    – Hungary Hangry Hippos
    – Game Show Announcers
    – Postapocalyptic mascots

  18. punkadyne says:

    – That time of the month
    – Virus vs. Bacteria
    – Not my cabbages!
    – Steampunk Squarepants
    – Donald Drumpf
    – Anime Babies

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