OTTOBAR: All. Red. Everything. SAF Title Match Signed!


With three of the four bouts for our Ottobar return on March 12th signed, there was just one jewel left in the crown that is the card for ALL KILLER, NO FILLER – a defense of the Super Art Fight Championship.

There’s little doubt that 2015 was the year of Red Erin, as she grabbed the Super Art Fight title, and regained it just as quickly as she lost it, making the 2012 SAF Idol finalist one of the fastest 2-time SAF Champions.  But now she enters 2016 with an ever-growing series of challengers coming for her prized precious, the SAF Championship.

In Baltimore, on March 12th, she faces a masked man who was conspicuous by his absence in the second half of 2015, but remains a fan favorite. That’s right, she’s battling our resident luchadore lothario, as it will be…

RED ERIN (Champion) vs. EL RUSSO ROJO (Challenger)

Will the Red Reign continue through 2016? Or are we going to see the wrapped fists of Rojo raised on March 12th?

Join us live and in person – this match is going to be NUTS! Grab your tickets today.

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