SAF Live Mural at PEELANDER-Z Show, May 6th!


On Friday night, May 6th, the Ottobar is celebrating a very special night with some dear friends of ours, and we’re proud to say, we’re going to be a part of it.

On that evening, the Ottobar will be featuring a live performance from Peelander-Z, the amazing punk rock, live-action Japanese comic band which we’ve had the pleasure to know for many many years now. Their show is unlike anything you’ve seen before – with intense music, crazy crowd games, and moments you’ll never forget.

Joining them that evening will be our new pals in PLRLS, who joined us this past weekend at ALL KILLER, NO FILLER, and, if that wasn’t enough of a reason to head to Baltimore that night – we’ll be doing a LIVE MURAL as well! That’s right – the Super Art Fight ORIGINALS, Ghostfreehood and Angry Zen Master will be creating live mural art at the show. It’s an evening you can’t miss, and one we can’t wait to be a part of.

IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH – prior to the show, at the Ottobar’s UPSTAIRS, will be a premiere screening of Mad Tiger, the official Peelander-Z documentary. Check out the trailer below:

As long time friends AND fans of Peelander-Z, this is going to be an unforgettable night for us, and we hope to see you there.

You can buy tickets for the Mad Tiger screening here, the Peelander-Z show here, and if you buy tickets for both? You save $5!

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