DC: SAF’s Fighting Fanboy Finally Gets His Shot


With our return to Washington DC coming up in just about three weeks, excitement – and tensions – are high in the Super Art Fight locker room.

And for two artists, an issue you might not have noticed, will finally boil over at the Black Cat.

Ever since Super Art Fight Idol 2015, semi-finalist Mike Donohue has been putting in the extra hours into his craft.

He’s been helping out behind the scenes, he’s been practicing at home – you’ve probably even seen him on our Super Art Stream.

But more than that? He’s been calling out SAF roster members.

The Fighting Fanboy wants an opportunity, and he doesn’t care who he needs to defeat to get it. And as you can see in the following videos, he certainly managed to rub our resident Luchadore the wrong way…

And after seeing this exchange, we decided…it’s time for Donohue to get his shot. In his first official Super Art Fight battle, LIVE at the Black Cat, it will be…


Will this rookie upset our Russian red? Or will Rojo get back on the winning track? FIND OUT LIVE! Get your tickets TODAY!

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