DC: RED ERIN Faces An ANGRY Challenge


With just 19 days until we return to the Black Cat, most of the card has been announced…except for one bout. A crown jewel to top the card.

And it’s appropriate, as it’s for the crown jewel of SUPER ART FIGHT.

Red Erin has proven herself worthy of the SAF Championship. She’s defeated all comers. Her Red Reign has taken her to different cities, different venues. The hard work finally paid off as she stands atop the SAF mountain.

But what will she do when the man who MADE the mountain wants back on top?

That’s right – on May 28th in Washington, DC, Red Erin will face her toughest challenge yet: one of the greatest, and angriest Art Fighters of all time.


RED ERIN (Champion) vs. ANGRY ZEN MASTER (Challenger)

This one doesn’t need any more hype than that! This will be Art Fighting at its finest.

Grab your tickets for this one, you will NOT want to miss out.

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  1. DB says:

    AW SNAP! Steaks just got razed. Medium rare medium rare medium rare!

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