Super Art Fight Goes EXPERIMENTAL at MAGLabs!


Next weekend – September 9th–11th, 2016 – our dear friends at MAGFest are conducting an experiment. Not just ANY experiment, the first ever MAGFest Laboratories show, an event that takes everything you know and love about MAGFest and appends a big question mark to the end.

Anything can happen, anything will happen – and when we heard about it, we knew that we had to bring a very different Super Art Fight event than what you’re used to.

IN TURN, we bring you the first ever EXPERIMENTAL Super Art Fight!

As you read through the list of names competing, know this: the artists colliding may not look or answer to the names you’ve known – but they’re embodied by some of your favorites.

During our event, you will see:

  • Magesticle, The Punk-Rock Unicorn vs. Nerdcules
  • Bunny vs. Perrywinkle, Master of Illusion
  • Pixel Perfect vs. Mrs. Olivia Oblivia

Who is behind these names? WHAT OTHER CHANGES DO WE HAVE PLANNED?

Find out live. Get your passes for MAGLabs today!

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