BRAWLTIMORE: A Silent Awakening for Shoujo-A-Go-Go!


You know when you make too much noise, sometimes you wake up your angry neighbors?

That’s what our own Shoujo A-Go-Go has done.

Since her debut at SAF Idol 2015, the donut loving magical girl has put together an impressive series of performances, taking the stage at Katsucon, our second Richmond event, and Awesome Con, all the while bringing the loud cheers and demands of mixing magic and delicious breakfast treats to the Super Art Fight populace.

Sometimes, these things get you the good kind of attention. Sometimes, you can get the bad kind.

…Shoujo A-Go-Go has awakened a long-dormant beast. One of the most intimidating, striking, and, most importantly, silent members of the Super Art Fight roster, full stop.

At BRAWLTIMORE 2016, live at Baltimore’s Ottobar, Shoujo A-Go-Go faces more than her Baltimore debut…she faces a long-lost Art Fighter ready to get back into the Championship mix.


Shoujo-A-Go-Go vs. Bryan “SILENT BUT VIOLENT” Prindiville

Be there for the conflict! Be there for Prindiville’s return! Be there to see if magic can triumph over silence…or if silence can be deadly.

Get your tickets now to join us live in Charm City!

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