BRAWLTIMORE: Tag Team Titles To Be Decided at OTTOBAR!


On March 12th, the Ottobar was home to All Killer, No Filler, an amazing, gobsmacking Super Art Fight event.  We started strong, with the intense, insane, and incredibly heated tag team title match between defending champions Angry Shinobi, and the upstart challengers, Team Thundercat.

The Lioness and The Valkyrie, Team Thundercat, had their hands raised in victory, starting a new era for the SAF tag division, and the first ever all female tag team champions.  It was a bright beginning…but life had other plans.

The Valkyrie, having caught fire very quickly since her debut at SAF Idol 2015, found out that her day-to-day responsibilities in her hometown of Valhalla were growing too big to continue in the world of Super Art Fight.  In turn, she had to leave, so that she may continue to fight for her realm.

But what to do with the tag team titles? What of the Lioness?

The Super Art Fight Championship committee jumped at the opportunity, and spent many a long night figuring out what to do.

On September 24th, at BRAWLTIMORE 2016, The Lioness WILL get to defend her tag team titles, and more than that, she will get to pick her partner!

But who will she face?

…quite the challenge.

The Lioness will collide with one-half of the longest reigning tag team champions of all time. And alongside him – one of the newest personalities in Super Art Fight, as the artist known as Captain Salsa Verde and The Dudeler has re-invented himself once more.

It will be:

THE LIONESS & ?? (Champions)

This could be the most outrageous, most crazy, and most memorable tag team title defense yet! You know you want to be there live. Head to today, and get your tickets!

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