DC Holiday Spectacular: Bra’lers? Meet Donuts.


With our third match to announce for Super Art Fight’s THIRD-ANNUAL NON-DENOMINATIONAL HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR (coming up on December 9th in Washington DC), we take a look at two artists rising the ranks within Super Art Fight, both of whom have captivated the SAF Army (our dedicated fanbase) since debuting as a part of Super Art Fight IDOL 2015.

On one side, you have one-third of the quickly popular trio known as the Bra’lers, an unstoppable girl gang ready to wreck havok on the Super Art Fight stage.

On the other, you have SAF’s resident magical girl, bringing love, peace, and donuts to every canvas, and wracking up some big time wins (even against long time SAF veterans!) along the way.

Both artists have demonstrated that they’ve got the instincts needed to be at the top of Super Art Fight, so on December 9th, we’re gonna let them battle it out for supremacy.



This is going to be a heck of a collision! Get your tickets now, and see what happens when these two throw down!

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