For The Holidays, Want To Give The WHEEL OF DEATH Some Topics?


Last minute WHEEL OF DEATH suggestions, anyone?

With our THIRD-ANNUAL Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular coming in just 8 days to the Black Cat in Washington, DC, we wanted to get into the giving part of the season and allow you, our loyal fans to add some SUPPLEMENTARY WHEEL OF DEATH TOPICS.

Yes, although we just asked for some in the Fall, we wanted to ask you, the SAF Army for some extra special bonus topics to wrap up the 2016 Season.

How can you contribute to our favorite topic generator? EASY! Just reply in the comments – yes, we’re telling you to READ the comments for once! – and let us know what topics you want to see on the Wheel of Death.

The topics will be analyzed and sorted, with some edited for clarity and simplicity, but YOUR topics could make it into future SAF bouts!

PROTIP: Shorter topics work better! While “Godzilla Rollerskating While Eating A Banana Split” sounds fun, it’s very creatively limiting for our artists – both you and they know what you’ll see. But with a topic like “Fish Tank”, you could get the standard interpretation, or something crazier like a goldfish heading into war!

Keep filing these comments up, you have until Wednesday afternoon, December 7, 2016.

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11 Responses to For The Holidays, Want To Give The WHEEL OF DEATH Some Topics?

  1. Troy says:

    A Schwarzenegger’s Chanukah

  2. Geoff Blizard says:

    Garbage Day
    Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
    Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
    Krampus Pulling Overtime
    How the Grinch Got His Groove Back

  3. Alex says:

    Play-Doh Problems

  4. It Greg says:

    Slay Bells
    Rude Reindeer
    Stocking Suffers
    Eight Crazy Knights
    Gnome for the Holidays
    Bizzarro Blizzard
    Nutcracker’s Revenge
    Forgotten Pagan Celebrations
    Cookies n’ Milk!
    Deer Santa
    “Its Festivus Charlie Brown”
    Yule Regret This!
    O Tannenbomb
    The Three Scrooges
    Ghost of Holiday Past
    Ghost of Holiday Present
    Ghost of Holiday Future
    Here Comes Krampus Claws
    How the Grinch Stole Art Fight
    Directed by Tim Burton
    Do You Hear What I Hear?
    The Ugliest Sweater
    Pumpkin Spice Girls
    Island of Misfit Toys
    Ginger Beard Man
    Creepy Carollers
    Yippie-Ki-Yay Hans Gruber!
    Now I have a Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho
    Gift of the Mogwai
    No Virginia, that isn’t Santa Claus
    Toys in Babeland (Wait… no…. noooooo)

  5. Dave says:

    Menstrual Krampus
    Stompadon Johnson
    Dr. Dreidel
    Make it Reindeer
    Santa Claustrophobia

  6. Joshua Ureno says:

    Notice me, Sanpei

    Gifted Rappers

    Goku got ran over by a reindeer

    A Walking Dead Christmas Carol

    How Trump stole Christmas

  7. Josh says:

    Three wise memes

  8. It’s beginning to look a lot like ______
    Let it ____, let it _____
    The Christmas Shoes Gone Wrong

  9. Mikey says:

    Santa’s Flaws

  10. Jillien Conneen says:

    Tired Grandmas
    Santa Paws
    Christmas Shoes
    Chocolate prizes
    Weird menorahs
    Holiday Drinks
    Santa’s Little Helper
    Bad Gifts
    Sexy Santas
    Life Alert
    Holiday Pets
    Festival of Fights

  11. Dominic Fastcars McGee says:

    Sporks vs Chopsticks
    Biff Tannen’s New Amurica
    Rick Gets a New Morty
    Improper Uses for the Dragonballs
    Oodles of Poodles
    Moons Nover Miami
    Sanic the Eggnog
    Should’ve Poked Air Holes
    Bubble Butt
    Zombie Reindeer
    The Wheel of Death
    Marky the Marker Does Dallas
    Ve Are Ze Borg
    adolf’s neinth day of hanukkah
    Brewdolph the Drunken Reindeer
    A Landfall Christmas Wreath

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