Summer 2017 Wheel of Death Suggestion Post!


We are storming into the Black Cat on June 2nd for SUPER ART FIGHT IN 3D, which means…it’s time to refresh the wheel with some new, dangerous topics, from YOU, our fans!

How can you contribute to our favorite topic generator? EASY! Just reply in the comments – yes, we’re telling you to READ the comments for once! – and let us know what topics you want to see on the Wheel of Death.

The topics will be analyzed and sorted, with some edited for clarity and simplicity, and then combined with our Spring 2017 list, but YOUR topics could make it into future SAF bouts!

PROTIP: Shorter topics work better! While “Godzilla Rollerskating While Eating A Banana Split” sounds fun, it’s very creatively limiting for our artists – both you and they know what you’ll see. But with a topic like “Fish Tank”, you could get the standard interpretation, or something crazier like a goldfish heading into war!

Keep filing these comments up, you have until Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

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22 Responses to Summer 2017 Wheel of Death Suggestion Post!

  1. An says:

    Pikachu Pajamas
    Vole Privates
    Guardians of your mom’s Galaxy 2
    I am froot
    Mariachi cover band
    That weird smurf
    Batman’s newest ride
    Fishnets on Ross
    Brandon’s beard hides what?!

  2. Lex says:

    Mario Kart 65+

  3. Buzzlefett says:

    Bling and a Prayer
    The Not So Real Ghostbusters
    From Russia With Love
    Make America Ape Again
    Time And Relative Dimensions In Skates
    The Last Hair Bender
    Where Everybody Knows You’re Lame
    Ash Ketchum Vs Evil Dead
    Ronan the Roamin’ Ronin
    Angry Turds
    Hans Olo and Jewbacca
    Dude, You’re Getting Adele
    Blanket Fort!
    Buns Buggy and Friends
    Let the Spice Flow!
    Spaced Invaders

  4. Justin says:

    Full Contact Academia

  5. Justin says:

    Cats, but Angrier

  6. Fartbus 2000!
    Go LEGO Yourself!
    Hercules Not So Legendary Journeys
    Butts Ahoy!

  7. rocktopotomus says:

    Mouse of Farts
    Cookie Maelstrom
    it’s cobblerin time
    the spice girls melange
    cage of low self-esteem
    great old ones tea time
    doctor who’s your daddy?

  8. Greg B says:

    ‘YOUR NAME’ the Hedgehog
    Animal Vegetable and Mineral
    ‘Murican Gods
    Spiderman Prom
    Beauty and the Beef
    Little Known Monuments
    50 Shades of Gravy
    Unsuccessful on Kickstarter
    Updated Fables
    Stop… Hammertime!
    Origin Story
    Video Game Powerup!
    RuPaul’s Dragon
    Mole People
    Dessert Monster
    Guardian Angels of the Galaxy
    Return of the Sequel
    Sesame Street Performers
    Circus Jerk

  9. Skittlepong says:


  10. Grig Larson says:

    Violent Wedding Cakes
    Picasso Comic Book Characters
    Acme Products
    80s Glam Rock
    Bikini Police
    HR Reps in Pantsuits
    Iron Man Chefs
    Complicated Potties
    Super Mario Sisters
    Random Audience Member
    War Burgers
    Rocket Penguins
    Lawn Darts

  11. Grig Larson says:

    Spider Bear Sharks
    Pokemon Businessmen
    Moleman the Barbarian
    Roadwarrior Ziggy
    Hatsune Miku
    1950s Robots on Rampage!

  12. carl says:

    Dodo Bird(s)
    ineffective bribes
    Broken ducks
    Classical musicians wearing polka-dots

  13. Shawn says:

    Sith Fly Fishing

  14. The Devil Wears Ivanka
    The Simpsons: Season 50
    Radioactive Trump
    Pokemon: A Michael Bay Film
    Thirsty Smurfs
    Pop Up Ads
    Go Go Gadget Dildo
    Super Art Fight Trading Cards
    Mr. Fantastic’s Kama Sutra
    Spontaneous Human Combustion
    Rejected Snap Chat Filters
    The British Are Coming
    Singing in the Shower
    Breakdancing Police
    Emoji Everything
    Wiretapped by Obama

  15. Jesse says:

    Moulin Rouge One
    Opponent as a Boss Baby
    Dog Days
    Kawaii Kaiju

  16. apreche says:

    Super Fart Fight

  17. Mike says:

    Oompa Loompa Uprising (or Revolution, or Coup, or Insurgency)

  18. Brandon says:

    Steven and the pussy cats
    No country for old zunes
    Darth vaper
    Class 3000
    Nose candy
    Burlesque bodyslammers.

  19. Cisco says:

    Star Shrek
    Golden Squirrels
    Smokey the Hare
    Snorks with Sporks
    Ham Sammich
    Hermoine Texas G’ranger
    Weird Beard
    Bear Naked Ladies

  20. Rich says:

    Doof Warrior’s backup band
    Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Dinobots (the real ones)
    The Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald
    Elvis v Nixon: Dawn of Undercover Federal Agent at Large
    Star Wars IX: The Force hits the Snooze
    Star Wars X: The Force Slumbers
    Star Wars XI: The Force is Late for Work

  21. Mark says:

    Lemon Grenade
    Wrath of Shawn
    What If the Toaster Was Right All Along?
    I Wanna Cast a Spell…
    Harry Potter and the Uneventful School Year
    My Nose Has a Secret
    I’m Not Using Half of My Power
    When Life Gives You Lemons, Give Lemons Life
    I’ve Been Framed!
    Middle-Earth Millennials
    Hogwarts Hipsters

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