Washington DC: Wizards, Dictators, Just Another Night in DC!

We are inching ever closer to our big-time return to Washington DC’s Black Cat, as Friday night, June 2nd we present Super Art Fight In 3D!

Two awesome bouts have been announced so far, including the return of The Valkyrie and a big time defense of the SAF Title, but we’re proud to announce the third bout – a first time matchup which you absolutely cannot miss.

Coming out of Better Than The Last Time, we are excited to announce the return of General Stormsketch. While he lost in the Super Art Fight IDOL 2017 Finals, he made a lasting impression, one that assured that we’d see more of his unique form of artistic dominance on the canvas.

On the other side of the bout, SAF’s resident mage, a purple-coated wizard with a nack for all things magical, who has one heck of a winning streak behind him.

This is going to have a big impact on the Super Art Fight Singles Rankings, as it will be…


Want to see it live? You know you do. Grab your tickets via Ticketfly today!

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