Washington DC: Tag Team Turmoil Rounds Out ‘IN 3D’ Card!

Thus far, we’ve announced three astounding bouts for our return to the legendary Black Cat, as a part of our June 2nd spectacular, Super Art Fight IN 3D.

We’ve got a defense of the SAF title, we’ve got two singles bouts which should absolutely shake up the SAF rankings, but one thing is missing – an offering from the ever exciting, ever growing Super Art Fight Tag Team division.

On June 2nd, you’ll see two teams collide which have truly made 2017 theirs, and you know both want to get a shot at the Super Art Fight tag team titles.

On one side, is 2/3rds of SAF’s resident Girl Gang, a force to be reckoned with who you know are just dying to grab some gold within their ranks.

On the other side of the canvas, a duo who will be looking to prove just how damned important science is…especially in our Nation’s Capital.

On June 2nd, it will be…

THE BRA’LERS (Killer Colleen & Jamie the Judge) vs. THE SMARTEST TEAM IN ART FIGHT (Charm City Shinobi PhD & Dr. Professor Hemoglobin MDLMNOP)

Want to see it for yourself? Ticketfly.com is the place to get your tickets early.

Grab ‘em now, and join us live for SUPER ART FIGHT IN 3D!

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